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big thank yous, lots of fun and new things to see!!!

what a party!
thank you for having some fun with me
and especially thanks for all your sweet comments!
I'll be having the drawing for the giveaway in
the morning (October 21)
so if you haven't signed up...there is still time!

Thank you also for all the wonderful
encouragement lately!!! You guys are literally
the BEST. First you gave me tons of house love which was
soooo sweet. I promise you my house does NOT look like
the pictures on a daily basis;) i clean up for ya'll when i take
pictures...seriously!! i do have some more house photos
to show you guys...I'll do that soon:)

Second, you showered me with LOVE and HUGS when
I was feeling a bit blue. Overwhelming love. thank you so much.
You really stick by me through
thick and thin...and i love ya for it:)

I've been working on some new paintings
for an update this week...
here's a peek!

i was thinking of just listing stuff this Wednesday and Thursday
throughout the day. Would you guys prefer that...or do you like
having a specific time for an update. I welcome all your comments
and thoughts!!! That last update when my computer was crashing
and the pictures were not loading and it was taking HOURS to finish
the update...had me totally freaking out. Not because of what
was going on on my end...but I was so worried about you guys
sitting there WAITING and WAITING for the listings to pop up!!!
BUT...if I could get everything together...maybe you would prefer the
set time!!! AYE YAY YAY! I'll shut up now!

also been super busy with commission orders.
i'm ALMOST caught up, so that I can
start my Christmas orders!!! and yes, I've started
Christmas goodies for the shop too:) yipppeee!
here's a peek at a special painting for a special

okay...see you guys in the morning for the big drawing!!!



Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

OH MY! Love the new stuff! Can't wait to see it all!

Have a great week! Karen

Elma said...

Hi jenn!! We love you to!! I love the new paintings! I can't wait for the update. Have a great night.

denversavage said...

OMGosh! The new art is great! I like the idea of listing pieces throughout a few days. I like waking up, getting the coffee made and checking my email. Then I check Etsy fav's, and am always delighted when I see something new listed in a favorite shop. Makes me happy, happy!

Soggy Dog Studios said...

I love it all!
ohhh making a wish on my birthday tomorrow to win the big prize! Love it all!
:) - Kim

lori vliegen said...

hi jenn... love your artwork and your creative spirit! thanks for sharing with us!

p.s. remember, it's monday, and you're in the spotlight over at my blog!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Glad to see you are back on your feet in a good spirit! Your new paintings look great! And funny enough, we must have been riding the same creative clouds, I have been working on paintings a bit similar to yours...Take care of yourself, cherie, and remember to blow away the black clouds when they come your way! LuLu

createhappy said...

love the new paintings jenn. got my eye one one or two. i think you should list your artwork that best way for you. i've been with you the last few updates and i can see how it would be very frustrating. you do a fabulous job getting everything up loaded. looking forward to weds & thurs! susan