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halloween sale...

poppin' in for a quick tuesday hello:)
and to let you know that all
Halloween items in the
are 1/2 off!
yahooo for a sale:)

Just wait for a revised invoice...
I'll take the 1/2 off then:)

Happy Happy Halloween
is almost here!!!!
and yes, I opened my trick or treat
candy already and have been eating
away!! I have no self control when it
comes to large quanitites of candy.
funny how I didn't open the goldfish snack packs.
How about you guys?
are you keeping that Halloween candy
sealed up until Halloween?:)



Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

nope! we are eating away! i looove dots. and the kids do too!
Happy Halloween!

Queen Bean said...

I have been digging into my candy since I bought it on Sunday at Target. I have no self control.(lol)Deana

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

no way no how no candy up in this house YET!

i have NO control... ZERO!

i make a BIG acception on Halloween night! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
Girl, I've eaten 2 bags of candy bars in 3 days!!! What a P-I-G! I think because they are "snack-size" that they have less calories or something!! Got your email. Can't wait to see pics. Talk soon. xo, Amy W.

Elma said...

Hi jenn!! Love the sale. I have no candy in the house because once the bag is opened it will be an empty bag. Adrian can never have just one it is allways just one more? Have a great night. I have some pictures to show you of the red dresser. :0)

A Fanciful Twist said...

Miss Jenn, a sale, woo hooo!!

You know that photo of you and your adorable smiley boy below is so precious I can't even tell you!!

You are a beauty!!

off to your shop to try to restrain myself... Alas, there are certain times I can not restrain myself. Not from lovely art, not from candy... Tonight I am trying to eat Organic Crisp wheats cereal, instead of running out and buying Cheetos. Which I don't think I have had in 10 years, but I want NOW!! hee hee

xoxo, V

tascha said...

Happy Halloween Jenn!
Lucky for me I don't get kids coming to my door. I live in an apartment. So no Halloween candy here. Tho I really really really want some!

Artfulife said...

My hubby has already eaten almost all of the Halloween candy, and I have had a few pieces myself. I will readily admit that no matter the holiday, I am a chocoholic.

POPIN Sisters said...

Oh my Gosh Jenn, I begged my hubby to buy goldfish for halloween for that exact reason!! Unfortunately for my diet, he said no :)

Check out POPIN's blog...we were nominated for a major award and we need all of our friends to vote!!


lori vliegen said... hips are five pounds heavier just THINKING about snickers bars (but maybe the snack size would be only 2-1/2 pounds...that's do-able).

and, jenn, i received my sweet lulette in the mail today!! yippeee for me! it's absolutely precious...and so are you! i'm going to keep it out all year!

windlewood said...

Absolutely too wonderful to meet you guys at the Christmas at the Faire Show!!!
I soo didn't expect that Jenn! I thought you moved to the west coast for some reason.
Love your Halloween designs.

Susan said...

My hubby is giving out the candy this year, he sat a card table in front of the tv and made up baggies. Every time there was an extra piece, he tossed it at me. ugghhh... I ate too had to be done, though. Have a Happy Halloween!