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halloween update

lots of Halloween goodies will be poppin'
into the noodle and lou shop next Monday night!
hip hip hooooray!!
more peeks coming sooooon:)

i've been working a ton this week. catching up on commissions and making lots of halloween treats for the shop! i love being busy...i'm actually a bit of a work-a-holic. always have been....every job i've ever had! but don't you worry;) i take PLENTY of time to smell the with my boys...and enjoy the day to day joys:):) the problem is...doesn't leave much time for know what i mean!!? so, while i've worked and played all poor house fell into a pit of dirty dispair. not just messy. dirty. really, really bad. my studio looks like i've been multiple people!! my bathrooms? disgusting. bedrooms? can't see the floors. so, after Henry and I played Clones (shout out to all my fellow Star Wars Moms...Clone Wars cartoon tonight...yipppeeeee!!!) I scrubbed bathrooms and started a marathon of laundry loads. bye, bye pit of dirty dispair! i really, really don't like you.

i just realized i'm coming up on my 200th post, which means GIVEAWAY time!!! i'll work on thinking up something fun:) what are you guys up to this weekend? whatever you do...have FUN and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sneaky peek of the witches in the background! Can't wait for the shop update!

Will you come do my laundry too??


Elma said...

Love the new things. I can't wait for the update.Have fun cleaning it allways feels good when your house is clean. Have a great weekend!!

jennlui said...

hi jenn! i sooooooo know what you mean about a not just messy but dirty house. i am terribly guilty of this too. being home with my 15 month old daughter and trying to get so much done in the studio sadly doesn't leave much time for tidying and cleaning... clean laundry usually doesn't get folded (it just sits in the laundry baskets, why do we even have dressers!)... yikes! can't wait for your shop update! have a beautiful weekend!

ps. you might just have inspired me to pull myself away from my studio table to get some cleaning done... where do i even begin!!!

Jenn said...

thanks you guys!!
(janel I love ya but I'm not doing your laundry:):):):))

good luck jenn on the cleaning:)
figuring out where to start is always the hardest part! I grabbed a huge garbage bag and just started mowing through the mess on my desk. it's looking better...i can see a light at the end of the dirt tunnel;)

bumblebird said...

Ooh exciting! Halloween goodies...Yay!

Jenn, I suffer from the same...I have PILES of art projects, doll parts, boxes, empty spools, fabric, yarn, stickers, etc. all over the studio! My husband came to the door the other night and said he couldn't even walk in-that he could step on a stick pin or something...Yikes! I did manage to finish the laundry :D This weekend I'll tackle the studio-I NEED to! It's SO refreshing to have everything in its place. Have a great weekend!!

michelle said...

See this is why i love my artistic blogging friends. They get that it is more fun to create than clean! I should have seen a witchy head coming from you I think, she is very cute-it all is! We are off for one last little trip before we move. Check out the Monterey bay aquarium. have fun!

farmerjulie said...

Hi Jenn..cute! I will come by! Cannot wait. hope i get there before it all flies out the door. hope you are well!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I always tell myself the kids won't remember if I dusted or if the house was a bit disorganized...what they will remember is time we spend with them and the playing! I hope so anyway!!!

Can't wait to see the shop update. You are so talented!

julie king said...

it sounds like you decided to "clean like a mas woman" as my mom used to say!! doesn't it feel wonderful when you get it all done and can sit back and enjoy everything all straightened out and clean?