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ho hum

feeling really blah lately.
i think it's the move.
i feel out of place a little.
like this isn't my home and
i kinda want to go home.
i felt like i was really involved
in things when we lived in NY.
the boys' schools, our neighbors,
my friends, the library, the beach,
i knew where to go and what to do.
i don't feel like trying. does that make
any sense at all? i know we will just
be leaving again in a year or 2. why
bother? yes, yes, i every
day to the fullest and enjoy where i'm
at now. i do try and live that....i do.
but these are just my honest feelings
TODAY. why am i documenting
this on my blog? maybe
i'm just trying to keep it real for you guys.
i am SO not perfect. i'm just like every other
mom that is trying to get it all done.

and i think you'll understand:)


chrissie grace said...

I hear you Jenn...
I hope some peace finds your heart today. I know how you feel!

C said...

Amen sister! I had the exact feelings less than a year ago after our move to C'ville...I know we are only going to be here a short time so it seems useless to try...but it totally isn't! Since I started "trying" our life has changed SO much and we really love it here now...we decided that we didn't want to leave a place without putting our mark on it! gets better! :)

Paulette Insall said...

Oh dear sweet Jenn...I'm feeling that way alot these days myself. You're not alone hon! I've never felt like I really belonged here and the longer we're here, the more I feel that way. We're trying to move back to the South, but it's feeling farther away than ever these days. *sigh* Its these times I find myself leaning into God the most....when it all becomes more than I think I can bear. You're in my thoughts and prayers sweetie!

Blessings & hugs,

Vickie said...

I'm sorry you are feeling blue. I think it's O.K. to feel that way every now and then. If things were always great and wonderful we wouldn't know to appreciate or recognize the good times. I think that opportunities and blessings come from our trials. I'm trying to figure out what that opportunity is going to be as I am having a slowwwww recovery from surgery. It's still very uncomfortable to sit up to my drafting table to draw.
I hope you find out what your new opportunities are with your new situation. Just do what you can today and do something very nice for yourself. It never ALL gets done and that's O.K. Smile, even if you don't feel like it :)

Elma said...

Oh I hear you when we moved two times in barely two years I didn'teven want to decorate the house but this time I am trying to decorate ,but I still do not know to many people and Al allways working 18hour days does not help either. Maybe we should met half way some day. Have a great night Jenn. ( you can start a painting for me :) )

Danita said...

If it helps.. I've been living in a place 7 years and I still miss my old town :(

Vickie said...

I just thought of a hymn that might help. Go to:

Just copy and paste it into your address bar to listen to it.
I do hope you feel better:)
xoxo Vickie

Carmen said...

Here's a big cyber hug Jenn. I hope you are feeling better and more at ease soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
When I moved 14 yrs ago from my hometown to Ann Arbor I felt the same way. I was so homesick!!! We just moved back to our hometown last year and now I really miss Ann Arbor. If it wasn't for my family here in St. Clair I would have stayed in Ann Arbor. What gives?! I was so miserable in Ann Arbor for so long and now I miss it? Crazy, HUH? My motto is "Bloom were you are planted". I plastered that saying all over the place when I first moved to A2. Now I need to plaster it up again. Take care Jenn. Big hugs! You'll feel better about things soon, I just know it. xo Amy Wingate.

Tammy said...

I very much understand, Jenn. We were only going to be here for a couple of years, and now it has been nearly 5. I have been reluctant to plug in also. But I am starting to feel the pull to Bloom Where You are Planted. Who knows how much longer it will be before we are transferred once again. We hope sooner rather than later but you just never know, apparently. A great big hug to you. If yours are young than they too wil benefit from being plugged in. Sunnier days are on the horizon.

Kim said...

Oh Jenn, I feel you, just like the others have said. We have those days and we ARE allowed those days as well as feelings. Moving is hard. It just is. I love where we have moved recently, but I am having the hardest time getting settled and putting things away and being a mom to my large brood and keeping up with it all! I am not liking all that very much. It's good to be honest with yourself about how you feel and to get it out! It's just nice to release it all! Tomorrow is another day and I hope it goes better for you and if it helps any at all.....I am just LOVIN' my little Halloween lulette and it makes me smile every time I see it sitting there on my kitchen window sill. I just love it and it brings some joy to my day! So, thank you! Take Care....God Bless!

CourtneyP said...

We are all just trying to find our way I think. Sometimes it is in the imperfection we find truth, honesty and humility..... and finding that is perfection.

jennlui said...

when i'm in this kind of a mood, i like to remind myself that it's all temporary... nothing is really permanent. the good, the bad, it all passes. it's so easy to say we'll live in the present and enjoy every moment, but really sometimes it's the hardest thing to do. hopefully with a bit of time this funk will pass and you'll find renewed energy to go out there and get involved, to feel connected in your new environment. well i wish this for you... i'll be sending you good positive vibes... take good care!

sewfunky said...

hugs, feeling much the same today...

good to keep it real.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

yep, and getting it all out will make you feel better! hang in there!

treat yourself to something lovely..whatever it is that makes you smile. for donut! :) or a yummy lotion.

i hope tomorrow is a better day! :)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! I think it is not you alone who is feeling like this ... Yes, moving away does not help, I am sure. But I think the general we-are-doom and the have-you-heard-the-news-today-about-the-economy does not help either... AND, on top of this, it is FULL MOON today! So, be peaceful and ride the wave, good days are coming again soon! xxxx LuLu

Queen Bean said...

Jenn, It will get better. Just like when Jake was having stress when school started. BTW, how's that going? Take a deep breath and do something tomorrow that makes you happy...forget about laundry, cleaning, etc. Go to a thrift store,a craft store, homegoods. Whatever it is that will give you a little lift. :) Deana

Holly said...

Many hugs to you, sweet Jenn. I hope many local kindred spirits find you and your family. One day at a time.....

scrapcraft said...

You sound lonely. We have all been there! Hang in there. Things will get better. Do something really fun with your kids. If you are feeling this way imagine what is going on in there little heads. You will have fun and you ease there stress at the same time. I'm keeping you in my prayers. I feel for you.

Susan Cone said...

hey jenn, i know how you feel. during my married life, we have moved 9 times and it takes time to get the hang of your new home and all that goes along with it. hang in there, time makes it easier. we've been here for a tad over 4 years now and you know what? i've got the itch to move again. funny how that works -- just when i feel comfortable. so hang in there, talk with your friends -- old and new, and make some art -- i know that makes you happy because it sure does make me happy!!! your friend, susan

michelle sylvia said...

Oh Jenn!!!

I know how you feel exactly and I wish I could take it all away for you. I have been there SO MANY times before and I'm sure I will be there again too.

Hang in there sweetie. We NEED to set a time up to get together again. I will come to you if you want. Name the day.

Cheer up and CALL me whenever you feel like talking. I am always here to listen. I feel sooo bad for you.

Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I felt that way when I first moved to Bend a few years ago. This didn't feel like home (I belong in the Bay Area) and I was depressed and had no interest in taking in the sites around me. It was around that time I discovered doll making even if only temporarily. Good things will come in your new place. What you're feeling is so normal but as a mom it's not like you can just lock yourself away in a room for several days (how nice would that be) so the anxiety and sadness gets you in the form of apathy...this will pass:)
Sending positive thoughts your way:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say this... Think of your move this way. You are meant to be where you're at for a reason. Maybe you're suppose to meet a lifelong friend or have an amazing opportunity of some kind. Look at your situation and expect to find whatever that incredible thing is, expect it to show up!
Hope that isnt too pollyanish!

barbara said...

there is a song by leonard cohen that says, "without cracks, how can the light get in?" you are so perfect, in the best sense of the word. my husband and i are still ready to adopt you. fondly, barbara

Fantastic Figments said...

Well I am glad you said what is one a lot of people's minds. The uncertainty of life. I think it is additionaly easier getting into a 'slump' becuase winter is setting in. I am on the verge of a move (sometime in the next few months) and I am feeling very similar anxities. I have always had a really hard time getting involved and making 'good' friends and finding some one to understand me. And for those who do understand me I don't want to move away from them.

But I think we have a lot of wise friends on our 'blog home' that can share so many wise things and we can rejoice in the fact that this is a home that we will never have to leave.

And they always says change will make you grow so just think of how much you will gain when you get over the intial hurdles.

take care Jenn,


Heather said...

Oh Jenn, we all go through this! I can understand how you feel, moving to a completely different city to start completely over is so difficult. But guess what? All your bloggie friends fallowed along! We're still hanging out and love to see what you do! inspiration is a fickle girl, perhaps she went off to carve pumpkins? she'll be back!~