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with the continuing TERRIBLE news of our economy...i thought i would keep things on a lighter, happier note and take a little time to celebrate home. i finally got some pictures of the house uploaded to share with you guys! I've had so much fun finding homes for all of our things. And because of how BIG this place is compared to our last house...i've been on the hunt for some new furniture too. Look at my CUTE old white shelves that I found at a thrift shop! $12.50. not kidding! They were $25.00 but they were having a 1/2 off sale. ummm yeah...i'll take it!

the piece hanging above the white shelves is a vintage window (this one is from my grandparent's house!) with some favorite fabric displayed behind it. and take a peek at my funky drapes!! love 'em! haven't got around to properly hemming the bottoms yet...but that is way down on the priorities list;) anyways...we have such a pretty view of our little back yard in this room.

Flowers and Halloween heads in an old sap bucket...

look at our little pot belly fireplace! we haven't figured out how to make it work yet...but it sure is cute:)

Another awesome find at the thrift shop is this way old medicine cabinet. $15.00. really! visit those thrift shops you guys!!!

it has some weird paint on the glass that I have to scrape off...but LOOK AT THE INSIDE!!! all the different level shelves!! imagine all the cute things you could display here!!

i received the MOST happy package in the mail
from a super sweet friend!!

thank you oodles
and oodles and oodles
(have you all shopped at Catherine's
Red Shoes website?? it is a FEAST for
the eyes!!!!)
I adore these treats sooo much and will
especially treasure my house pillow
forever and ever:):)
and ever.

look how cute my new house looks next to my Red Shoes tooth pillow!!
they are very at home with each other on my newly sprayed little
wicker chairs:):):)

in my spare time (hahahahahaha) i made this new painting for our living room. it is sort of an expression of the things I guys...
I used LOTS of crinkled up book pages and paper and layers of paint...

that's me with the paintbrush...
look out world;)

on to the master bathroom...
this is my VERY special birthday
vintage dresser! could you CROAK at
the perfectly chipped up paint and ancient
metal knobs and pulls!!!? and look at the legs!
eeek. love it!
thanks chris for driving all the way back to that
shop and picking this up for me:):):)

I love being able to fit a piece of furniture in
our bathroom! You may think that you
don't have room...but look again!!! We took
down a towel rack to free up this wall.
(we added a hook for towels on a different wall)

some more of my favorite things:)

and I'll leave you with my shipping partner:)
Henry helped me load this TALL stack
of boxes into the car:)
thanks little Hen!!!

have a beautiful weekend you guys!!!
ooooooh and guess what!!! It's I can share my happy news that I've joined up with the Spooky Time Jingles folks for good!!! yipppeeeeee!!!!!! Thank you so much Dani. I'm honored to be a part of the group:) Look for the update on the 13th you guys!!! xoxoxo


Elma said...

WOW your house looks sooo wonderful!! Thanks so much for the house tour!

catherine said...

I am going to faint from how darn cute your house is! can I come visit!?
It makes me want to go out shopping and look for more cute things to decorate with. or maybe repaint my living room, or add drapes, or visit a thrift shop, OR, oR OR!
oh my! you have my mind spinning with ideas from all of the inspiration! thanks for the peek!, and thanks for the pillow love.
i'm glad you like your treats, you are such a sweet friend I am so glad to share with you!

Elma said...

Hi Jenn you will have to give us a house tour at Christmas time!! It would be such a treat to see all the decorations.Also that is so nice that you are with spooky time jingles. Have a great night.

Diane Duda said...

Your house is looking so cute...especially the "things you love" painting!
I your little helper is very handsome. :)

mystele said...

oh, adorable your new home is! wow. i'm with catherine. so inspired. you have the touch, girl!

Beth Quinn said...

oh jenn !! thanks so very much for sharing your home with us !! love that painting !!!!! WOW !!so gorgeous!
thanks for the inspiration !!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! I think you are the first person who dares talk about the economy ... Scarry ... But we must keep our head up and go for it no matter what ! I L-O-V-E your new house! It is so cheerful and bright and fun and colorful! I A-D-O-R-E the painting you did of yourself and your family! Your Etsy update had all kinds of wonderful Halloween stuff in there but I was too late to snatch one of your witches ... Too bad! Have a great weekend! LuLu

Charisse said...

Your home looks lovely and I dont think you need to hem those drapes. They look perfect to me! Your home looks very welcoming!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't know how you get all of this done!!! Your house is looking so cute and comfy! And your fireplace reminds me a little of the egg Mork sat in:) Very cute!!!
You have the sweetest little shipping buddy ever!!!
p.s. Welcome to STJ!

michelle said...

Your house is adorable! Even cuter if that is possible than the old one! Will you come help me decorate my new one (where-ever and whenever that may be!) I am coming back to these pictures for inspiration when I finally get to decorate the next one! Love that painting too, absolutely perfect!

bumblebird said...

And I thought it couldn't get any sweeter than your last place! LOVE your home...and that cute belly stove :D An amazing painting of your family, an absolute treasure! Enjoy your weekend!!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

OMG!!! your house is PERFECT! can u come decorate mine? i LOVE everything in it~ the ikea drapes~ not too many people bold enough to buy those (I LOOOOVE THEM!) and your little green chairs pushed up to the coffee table 4 your boys??? ADORABLE! and all ur vintage furniture~ LOVE IT! can i come over for coffee? i'll bring homemade whole wheat vegan chocolate chip cookies?

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

YAY! You look so settled in the new home! It is so lovely! Such a creative vibe flowing thru every part of it! LOOOVE that! It inspires!

lori vliegen said...

your house, your flea market finds, your newly created piece of artwork...all a visual testimony to your sweet spirit! thanks for giving us a tour! and your little helper henry is beyond cute! congratulations on your new venture with spooky time jingles!

lori said...

Wow Jenn, your house is sooo adorable and cozy and sweet and comfortable. I love it all!!! I really like that painting too, hooray for making time to make something for yourself.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful home you have! so warm and inviting...and INSPIRING! lovely! thanks for sharing :)

POPIN Sisters said...

Seeing your absolutely adorable new home just made my day!
You Rock Jenn!!!

chrissie grace said...

Can I come over for a sleep-over?:)
Everything is so cute and inviting! I'm dying to see the rest of the painting above your new bathroom piece!
Chrissie Grace

suze said...

I love love love your home and all the fun things you have!

Nancy said...

OK, lemme get this straight. You put this fabulous house together (including new original art), you take custom orders, you do amazing shop updates, you're a fantastic Mom...and you blog.

Oy...I gotta join a gym! You are clearly Wonder Woman! I love your house and you are the Queen of the GREAT deals! :-)

Geisslein said...

Hi Jenn, thanks so much for your lovely e-mail!!! Your little fire-place is SO CUUUUTE!!! Hope you find out how it will work ;o) but I am shure you will. In the meanwhile it is really cute and looks good - and I felt in love with it!!!
Wish you a wonderful weekend

Fantastic Figments said...

JENNNNNNNNNNN.. You new place is out of this world I WISH my apartment could be so darn cute and inspiring!!! Total inspiration and something to strive for.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the props. I have been really tied up lately with engagement party and getting my pitch ready for a class I am trying to teach. But I am crossing my fingers to get back on track soon!

Great weekend to you and your family Jenn!


purplecat said...

I have sooo loved looking around your blog and your house!! I spend an hour looking at your links too- gee I have had fun!!

julie king said...

what a delightful glimpse into your home, jenn! i love the color scheme and especially the drapes in your living room! wow! so fresh and bright and you!!!

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hello! I am so happy to have found your blog through Primoriginals. I just love your art and will be back for more.

Ciao for now,


Victorian Lady said...

Glad you are having such a great time settling in! Your house is just as cheerful as your paintings! :)


Susan Cone said...

your house is as darling as you and your art. your boys are pretty darn cute too. so happy to have found your blog.


Tammy said...

Jenn, Your new home filled with the wonderful thrift store finds is adorable! I love the cheery feeling of your living room and those curtains are so pretty! The painting is so cute with you painting the world and your three guys. Love it all!
xo, Tammy