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better each day...

feeling a bit better each day! I have another appointment this Friday and will hopefully get some answers (finally) on what's been going on. So, with feeling better, I'm easing back into real life! you know...looking at my emails, painting a bit, getting things back in order around the house, laundry...real life stuff. I realized I hadn't even uploaded pictures from Halloween. But 1st...I had the most exciting news to share with you and I'm glad I can finally tell you about it! A couple of you eagle eye noodlettes found it all by yourselves and emailed me:) There's a little teeny bit of noodle and lou in Artful Blogging! Vanessa's MadHatter Tea Party is featured in a fabulous article full of magical photos...and one of my photos is included!! yahhhoooo!! When I received my copy in the mail and saw the article I was jumping up and down like a school girl!!

I mean if I didn't love Vanessa to bits already:) You must run out and get a copy all for yourself you guys! There are so many friends in this magazine and so many great articles. Jennifer DeDonato has a great her art. Lots, lots more to see too. What would this world be without Stampington & Co. magazines??? Thank you Artful Blogging and thank you sweetest Vanessa:):)

On to some photos from Halloween...or Pirates of the Caribbean night;)

It really was a fun night. Doesn't Jake look just like Capt. Jack!? Those eyes!!! They could barely hold their loot bags by the end of the night. I've never seen so much candy...and I can't eat ANY of it. so sad...

Now for shop update news!

I do have a few things that I had completed before the yuck struck me down. I'll add those to the shop tonight and tomorrow...just a few things. AND...I managed to pull together new Christmas treats for the SPOOKY TIME JINGLES update tomorrow!!! I believe the new items go live at midnight tonight. You'll see a familiar friend for sale on my Halloween page:)

Thanks again to all of you! You and you and you and YOU! Your support and encouragement is amazing to say the least. Thank you Elma for my unbelievable package, thank you Tammy for my Halloween Party winnings....such a fun package, thanks to all of you who sent cards and emails. Thanks to my parents and sister and Aunt and Uncle for all the advice and support. Love you guys!!!!!



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

yippee... yeah... so glad to hear you are doing a bit better! still praying for reason & full recovery!

SO GREAT... Artful Blogging... that is SUPER... i am SO happy for you! definitely worthy of jumping up & down like a school girl... FOR SURE! :) truly terrific!

i thought that WAS capt. Jack... those eyes... precious! so glad you posted their pics!


Artfulife said...

I looked at that magazine the other night. It is a really neat publication. Have you looked at the magazine about creative studio's? That is a really neat magazine also. Congratulations on being included.

Hope you are feeling your old self very soon.

LuLu said...

YOUPPI! JENN IS BACK! JENN IS BACK ! So glad you are feeling a bit better! Can't wait to see your new art stuff! And the boys look amazing in their costumes, especially Jake! He sure is a sell Captain! Take good care of yourself! LuLu xxx

jessica's mom said...

Now I can stop walking the carpet bare between the living room and den/office to find out if you are feeling a bit better yet.
I hope that today gives an answer and resolution so that you feel like the old (young) Jenn.
Have a great weekend. Barbara
Those boys- yum!

Beth Quinn said...

hi jenn !! glad to hear your start to feel a bit better !!! you must be wonder woman still creating some pieces while not feeling well !! i just love the pirates , i think i see a true jack sparrow ! LOL!!

Beth Quinn said...

ps. congrats on artful blogging i still have got to get a copy !!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Congrats on the magazine mention! Hope you continue to feel better! And the kiddos look so cute!

Fantastic Figments said...

SOOO happy you are feeling better and are going to be getting some answers I know that can be scarey! But you sound like your chipper self again so that is GREAT!

I stopped over th STJ and I love your winter items! They are great and colorful!

I am on my way over to Etsy now:)

Glad you are back


lori vliegen said...

hooray for jenn! so glad you're feeling a little better! and...i saw the mention in artful blogging. you are so deserving of it...mainly because you're such an inspiration to all of us! :)

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Just picked up my issue from the shoppe! WOW - how cool is that to be published in there! Congrats!!!!
:) - Kim - soggydogstudios