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(from my month series...2007)

Do you all have FULL tummies
and refrigerators full of leftovers?

Did you drink out of the "good" glasses?
(p.s. no spills either!)

after eating, were you able to jump around
like crazy and play charades?
me? No. The boys? Of course!
And you have to love the ease of playing
with a 4 year old that announces what he
is going to be before he acts it out;)

Happy Friday everyone...
enjoy your leftovers today.
I know we will:)

p.s. Christmas Card sets are now in the shop
and I'm finishing up some new paintings
and of course lulettes.
Look for an update around Monday night!
I'll let you know for sure this weekend!! xoxo


Holly said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Jenn. Looks like you guys had a great celebration. I'm thankful for you.

Your art pieces got lots of compliments yesterday. =-) 24 of my family members were here to celebrate. xoxoxoxo

Krissysart said...

Jenn, hope you had a FAB Thanksgiving. Sounds like charades was a blast! Can't wait for your shop update. I see you have Morrissey on your playlist. Ever heard '15 minutes with you' by the Smiths? Awesome song!

Krissysart said...

Jenn, by the way....I need to redo my banner for my blog. How do you make your blog look so personally you? I'm at a loss. I have no computer skills! help!

Heather said...

so happy to hear that you had a good thanksgiving!~

Fantastic Figments said...

Hello Ms. Jenn,
I tried to make it over to wish you a happy Thansgiving but I have been soo busy with house guests. I see dinner went well! The boys looked happy! Although they always do which is so wonderful!

And my oh my haven't wee been a busy lady! I guess while you will down you had some tramendous energy building up. Everything is just so wonderful and sooooo much! Busy, don't know how you did it will the up coming holiday!

Well I am glad everything is well in the noodle and lou studio and just to let you know I am always thinking about ya...