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17 days to go? is that right?

ooooh that tricky time!
just keeps on flying by...
giggling at us all scrambling around
trying to get things bought and made
and wrapped and decorated and baked.

I needed a wee break from Christmas and painted
a couple "all year round" paintings. I think
I'll stick 'em in the shop tomorrow sometime.
I like them, so I'll make prints too:)



I do have quite a few lulettes in the works too. Hoping for a shop update around the weekend sometime...yippppeee! So, back to Christmas and projects around the house. 'cause you know how much I like to decorate. Really. It's an illness with me. I'll rearrange something a billion times until I find just the right little things to live in that space. This decorating OCD didn't fare to well when I was a department manager in a big dept. store, by the way. I loved to merchandise and would OBSESS over getting the floor and displays JUST RIGHT. Like skip lunch, skip paperwork, skip clocking out and going home until it was right. Good times. Okay...back to my house...remember that big chunky fabulous medicine chest I found a while back? Yeah...the $15.00 one. (pinching myself still). It had this horrid green flecked paint all over the old glass and the inside stunk like 50 year old shaving cream. yummy.

well, yippee yahooo...I scraped and disinfected and cleaned and VOILA! A darling display for some favorite things:) I didn't get the best close up photo...but trust cute and you can see how old the glass is now:) really love it. (click on any of the photos to make them HUGE)

Started hanging up my garlands. yes, they are fake...don't judge me;)

And, getting all my little trees decorated and scattered around the house. This one has some of my favorite childhood ornaments and a few loved new ones too. I think the wooden heart with wings makes a nice topper too:)

My favorite little ballerina angel that I've had my whole life. Actually, wouldn't this be a cute project? Some little wooden balls, tulle, glitter and pipe cleaners...hmmmmm.

Starting to decorate the tops of the TV armoire and other little spots too. Everyone has to get their little red ribbons on you know! See that cute little nativity set? My parents got that in Mexico and I love it.

Okay, I really should be working. I'll share more soon:) Thanks so much, as always, for spending a little of your time with me!! I do love when you stop by and appreciate all of you!! and thank you to Karen over at purplecat for the lovely blog award!! You are sooooo sweet!!!!



elma said...

Ohhhh I love it all. I love the little cabinet so cute. Is that a nicol sayre doll under glass?? Can't wait to see more. Have a great night.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Oh! This is all so lovely, the cutout trees, the glass cloches, the funky ornaments ... Wish you lived nearby! We would have a riot getting nick nacks here and there! I am totally like you, I can spend hours rearranging objects on a table top until they create the perfect image! Can't wait to see your new paintings! Have a great week! LuLu

Jennifer DeDonato said...


Your deal is the best! I would be so happy also. Your Christmas is looking really good!!

mia said...

jenn - the house looks so festive!! love the cabinet, what a difference!!!! wish I was there!!!

Fantastic Figments said...

SOOO awesome Love it... You new place is super sweet. (well I say new you have been there for several months now) haha... you are right time does fly!..

I love the medicine cabient. We share that similarity is I love reusing old pieces and making them 'new'.. All good stuff loves it!

Have a great Tuesday!


Du Buh Du Designs said...

I'm leaving the decorating to my husband this! I dont have time and I still havent bought Christmas gifts. I'll be sure to direct him over to these photos as tipsters! Have a lovely , albeit crazy week! Your decorations are so sweet!

lori vliegen said...

fake garland? hey, i'm all about that! i love the nativity set from mexico and your decorations underneath the glass domes. and your fabulous $15 cabinet turned out in the world did you find the time to finish that?! :)

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

yay for you! it is all so in-the-spirit! i wish i could say i had my act so together!
have a great week!

Beth Quinn said...

hi jenn !! such wonderful decorations! i have most of mine up now and will be showing them off on my blog friday !! talk soon,

Heather said...

Oh! Such prettiness! Love your Christmasy decor! PS--- Totally heart your "She and Him" music selection. They're a new fav!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you just made my eyes pop out in GLEE!
oh... your fun home... i just love you... your style!

and... that medicine cabinet... genius... you are amazing!

Ronnie said...

You're ready, Jenn! Thanks for the look into your Christmas! I love the wall color! Is is gold or brown? And that you painted the heat vents so they blend with the ceiling trim.
I've got to get busy!

catherine said...

can I come curl up at your house, tucked in a corner under that winged heart tree? I promise I won't make a sound, I'll just sit quietly taking in all of the lovely surroundings......yup, that's what I would love to do. love it ALLLLLLL as usual!

bumblebird said...

Your decorations and enthusiasm are so inspiring. I may just crawl into our basement and break out our goodies! Where did you find that heart with wings? I love it!


art and beautiful junk said...

thank you for your comments. I love your work too. Thanks for stopping by. Register to win a free copy of my booklet by mentioning it on your blog, linking to it and leaving me a message that you did on my blog.

thanks nancye