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the end of the ornaments!

Okay my dears!
this is the last of the ornaments
and they'll be in the noodle and lou etsy shop
tonight at 9:30 p.m. NEW YORK TIME!
The listings will show up after another.
Check out all the way to ensure you got the item!
you don't have to pay until later...but you do have to check all the way out!
if you buy more than 1 ornament..I will send you a revised invoice
reflecting your shipping discounts!!
I am charging $4.75 for Priority Mail shipping on these
to ensure they arrive well before Christmas!
If you'd rather them go 1st class...the fee is $3.00
and I will send you a revised invoice.
Just let me know at checkout in the "notes to seller" box!

and some little framed prints of one of my Frida paintings.
These have little ribbons to hang them from and a signed mini print behind a plastic window. You can hang them on your tree or anywhere around the house year round!
2 are available in each style.

This is the last update for Christmas!
I have more things in the works...but I'll just
be putting them in the shop as I finish them. I will
let you know here on my blog though!

The kids are almost finished up with school, there is
tons of snow on the ground, I have SO much to wrap and ship
to friends and family still, I am feeling like a crazed lunatic.
ahhhhhh. Christmas!
Tomorrow is a new day though!
Rest and relaxation is right around the corner:):):)
How about for you?

Thanks for peekin' in tonight!


elma said...

Hi Jenn Can't wait for the update. I talked to etsy and they said the item is not yours until you click the submit button. So the whole time you are going to checkout someone else can take your item out of your cart. So i guess nab one and run with it do not go back for more:)

elma said...

Six minutes thats all it took!!! That was a superfast update! said...

WHAT was I thinking????? I missed it!! I am such a dunce girl ;) xoxo I meant to be there, and everything flew out in one sneeze ;) :) Hooray Hooray!!

Heather said...

Awww! these are ADORABLE! I cant really tell what you've painted them on (but whatever it is, its awesome!) I'm loving what you've been up too :)

Crystal said...

omg!!! i missed it AGAIN!! i still haven't gotten over myself for missing those cute snowmen...and not that adorable heart!!!

you are fabulous as usual and I am so glad your goodies just float off the shelves!!

Merry Christmas friend!!

Artfulife said...

Those ornaments are the cutest!

Amy said...

Ahh yes, I missed it again! You're going to have to clone yourself so you can do twice weekly updates :) Your work puts a smile on my face, even if I can only see it online!

Happy Holidays!!!

Jackie said...

Very cute....maybe if we can get together for some hot chocolate and talk art :) Hope your staying warm and ready for the next wave...ugh!!

Flor Larios Art said...

Cool ornamens! I like the bird and the heart.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute and in an interesting way look edible :) Rest, what's that? Christmas Day is the only day I'll have much to do..another run to the post office..and shopping and cleaning and family arriving. I'm tired thinking about it..I fell asleep last night at 8 and woke up at 11pm thinking it was 6 am. My body's clock is out of whack and I know you can relate..Ok, I'll stop babbling Have a wonderful Christmas Jenn!!
~Christine :)

michelle said...

I can't believe I missed them! They are/were so beautiful! Oh, well can't be everywhere all the time right?