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trying... very best to find the beauty in winter!!
I know it's there you guys. I really do.
But I'm a Florida girl trapped in the North.
A SOUTHERN Florida girl trapped in the North.
I get a little grumpy when I have to dig
my car out of the snow....twice in a day.
I know, I know. Some of you in the REALLY
deep snowy parts of the world are giggling
at me right now. I get a few inches of snow and I'm already
wishing for Spring! The snow and ice are pretty to look at...

I'll be okay. I just have to get used to NOT being
able to be in a hurry. Shoveling. Starting my car 15 minutes before
I want to go anywhere. Shoveling. Keeping track of all those little mittens
and hats and boots. Get over the never ending
puddle from little snow boots in my entry way.
Did I say shoveling already?
and just ENJOY the fun stuff.
Okay...and look forward to Spring;)

With the start of December comes the Advent Calendars!
We have a few...but this CUTE little one is new.
thanks Mia and Pappy:)

I adore J. Otto Seibold
(click HERE for the cutest website!!!
your kids...and you...will love it)
You find a new little character to place in the pop
up scene each day. The first day was of
course Olive. SO CUTE!!!
I kinda want to live in there.

okay...I'm supposed to be cooking dinner...

see you soon!

and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for my successful

shop update last night. I love you all. I do!



tascha said...

I'm getting the winter blues too and we don't even have any snow yet. Just rain, lots and lots of very cold rain.
Love the little advent calendar!

lori vliegen said...

would it make you feel any better if i told you it's cold here in florida...well, cold without the snow. thanks for sharing your looks so beautiful there! hang in there! :)
p.s. congrats on your shop update...i was drooling over that sweet lulette dollie with her little snowman! SO fabulous!!

bumblebird said...

Stay warm Jenn!

The book & movie, "Olive the other reindeer" are favorites in our house. I just love that sweet little pup!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Oh yeah! You do have to get used to the little pleasures of winter... But when Spring is right around the corner,end of March, the feeling of joy is unmatchable!!! Take advantage of the fact that all is to be done inside and not that much outside. It is so hard to stay inside towork in summer!!! I missed you shop udate yesterday but see that you did grrrreat! Good for you, Miss Jenn! Is your shopping all done yet? (joke!) Take care, LuLu xxx

Jody said...

Hi Jenn!
I had a meeting last night and missed your shop update--again!!! Arghhhh! But, I think I need to order a print for my friend's annual cookie & gift exchange! I will see you over at etsy soon!:)
I agree with you on winter...I do love to be cozy and nesting (especially now!), and fortunately, I am getting babied by my husband and not allowed to shovel or slip on the ice, but I seriously don't know how I will make it through Jan, Feb. & March---waiting for a baby & spring!!! So much anticipation I might go nuts!!!!:) Warm wishes and hugs to you... and I hope you have been feeling better & better! Love, Jody

Funky Art Queen said...

Don't feel like you are whining, I live in Texas....have not had one bit of snow, but if it gets below 50, I'm whining. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful and I wanted to shout....this is why I love West Texas! Anyway, looking at your work again and you just amaze are so talented jenn!

Queen Bean said...

I know that advent calendar is sooo cute. I got one for my friend's son's b-day along with the book. Deana

Penny said...

I missed the update! Where the heck are these days going? Before I know it, Christmas eve will be here and I'll be wrapping promises.

Jenn, go ahead and complain about anything and everything you'd like! You bring so much happiness to so many people (me me me!) that you've stored up TRUCKLOADS of good karma.


AngelaMichelle said...

Well, I was feeling pretty bad being a Northern girl stuck in the South (Georgia), but I think I'll keep my mouth shut now. Wishing you warm weather!

Artfulife said...

I grew up in Florida too! What part of Florida did you live in? However I love the snow and watching the seasons change. Yes, I even like to shovel the white stuff. Call me crazy. That advent calendar is super cute.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I'm with you on the snow and cold weather, but I do like the fall/winter foods....butternut squash, soups, chili, bread bowls! hot tea!!! yum!
have a great weekend!

aliceinparis said...

The start of winter is fun but it soon gets a bit tiresome and then we are all longing for spring:)Right now we are dealing with cold damp rain. I think I would prefer snow.
Pop over and see my fundraising effort for December:) I want to try and help out however I can :)
Hope you are well. It is up and down isn't it:) I think being rested helps and this is not the season for that unfortunately!
Cheers, Shelagh

Fantastic Figments said...

Welcome to my world. I live in the Adirondack in NY we get all kinds of snow. Although I have to say quietly so mother nature doesn' hear.. we don't have snow yet!!!! But when it comes it will come in a hurry and in droves! Oh well..

I love the advent calender.. I remember when I was a kid I loved it. What an awesome thing to share with your kids..


julie king said...

my theory is that god created snow to give all us creative-minded amateur photographers a reason to go for a walk in the winter. for that reason ONLY, i'm looking forward to our first accumulation of snow! your snow pics are wonderful!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

the snow DOES look pretty... you have a TON already... wow

some days though... the whole "nuttiness" to just get out the door... you FEEl like a snowman... or a kolache... all bundled up! :)