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a polka dot dress and a house

so, remember when I said something like...
"I'm back to painting and sculpting and will have
new things by the end of the week!" ?

yeah. that didn't go quite as planned!
seeing as today was officially the "end of the week"
I have seriously been in a rut! I've tried to work,
but everything I started, I hated. I know you've
been there and you get what I'm saying.
And I know, very well, that this too will pass
and I will be back to normal soon:)
Sometimes you just go through creative rough
patches...just to come out better and more creative
on the other end!

I managed to finish these 2 mini canvases today,
so I'm hopeful...because I like them.
I wanted some simple images for creating some
fun print projects. We'll see where that goes!

I will put the originals in the shop. I'll let you on my blog...when I do. Of course, I have lots of Valentines ideas floating around in my head that better come to fruition soon too!

But first...there is ONE more day of winter break.



the boys are so sad. I'm so sad! It has been so very nice to not worry about homework, backpacks, lunches, "where are my snow pants!!!!!", getting up early...

So, tomorrow we will be lazy and play with the Wii and leave all those worries to Monday morning. Enjoy your Sundays too!



Elma said...

Hi Jenn, can't wait to see what you are going to come up with. I am sure in time things will just come to you and you will be making wonderful creative things. Yaaaa!! Yes I can't believe the kids have school tomorrow. We spent most of the Christmas break with the flu. It started on Christmas afternoon and went from one kid to the next to the next until 8 of the nine had it. I was sooo thankful for wash machines!! My mother kept saying can you imagine in the olden days were you had to was everything by hand. NO! On Wends I am off to fl I am so nervous I have never gone any where by myself. I am visiting my Mom. Last Jan 8 my daddy passed away and so I want to be there for that one year anniv. and my moms birthday.My little ones don't want me to leave and I feel bad but what do you do.They act like I am allways leaving them but last year was the first year that I ever left my kids in 22yrs and Caleb didn't take it to well, at least he goes to school now so he will stay busy in the day.Have a great Sunday!! Elma

aliceinparis said...

Hi Jenn, I have been having a hard time getting back into the artistic swing of things too. I do know that once I settle down it will all "flow"
My daughter resumes classes at School tomorrow so it will help me get back into some kind of routine.
We are loving our Wii fit:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Martha Lever said...

Hi Jenn,
Oh how I know what you mean about the wax and wain of creativity! I think sometimes my muse just needs a vacation!! Love your two new pieces---so adorable and so you!

Happy New Year!

Crystal said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dot dress!!! Will there be prints available as well? :) Hope your last day of break is wonderful!!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! I feel exactly like you do! I am sad to see this holiday vacation ends, another year gone by with my kid growing up and up... But I can not wait to go back to work and go into my little painting routine. So,I guess, all is well... snif! snif! Take care and enjoy your Wii time! LuLu xxx

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi Jenn love the new paintings, especially the little house I love your houses. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Valentines

Best wishes,

lori vliegen said...

ah, yes, the creative pitfalls of being, well, creative! i go through stages where i don't like 90% of what i'm doing...and then i get frustrated because i feel like i'm wasting time...and then that little pollyanna voice reminds me "ooh, these are just learning experiences". uh, yeah...right. :)

i love your new pieces...these are very sweet and very jenn! hang in there!

Jody said...

Hi Jenn! Love the new little paintings! Enjoy your last day of winter break...I feel the same. In one way, I think getting a schedule back will be good, but I have enjoyed the laziness and freedom of not having to do anything and get kids ready. We are off to play our Wii as well!!! Can't wait to see your Valentine goodies!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Good luck with the back to school madness! I too enjoyed sleeping in a bit and just easing into the day. We are off to the movies for our last hurrah...Spring break is just around the corner Jenn:)

Belle Galleries said...

Hi, Jenn! Love your polka dress painting. So happy looking! Have a nice last day/evening of a winter break! And keep creating your wonderful art because so many people love it.

CourtneyP said...

I hear you loud and clear! My boys go back tommorrow. I can not tell you how many projects I have started and well..... they have been put in my re-do pile. I have claimed January my "try new things" month.

Krissysart said...

Happy New Year, sweet Jenn!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Jenn, when you're in OP visiting in-laws, if you have time, let me know and Lori (Elvie--Lori Vliegen--cute!!) and I will meet you for lunch!!!!

julie king said...

the new pieces are adorable (as always!). i've been in a bit of a rut as well. i've given myself permission to relax and just hang out until i feel inspired again.

take care!

jenny holiday said...

Love them both to bits!!! :)

This sweet little dress makes my heart happy! :)

Happy New Year!!!
xoox Jenny

Kim Hardt Originals said...

HI Jenn, I know what you mean about getting in a rut and things just not working out. That happens to me often. I just walk away and clear my head for a few days and I jump right back in. With things getting back to normal it will all come back to you. I know it.

I am so sorry I didn't get over sooner to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season. It has been a little nuts around here. But I hope you had a banging New Year. Mine was so quite. I was in bed by 10. Yeah! Whoo! I am a big partier! Not!

Oh well I am looking forward to chatting in the new year.


Sarah said...

Enjoy your last day. It has been nice with no homework-routines-making lunches.
Vintage Lily

Trine said...

Hi Jenn,
I can so relate to having trouble being creative, or not liking what you do manage to start..
I wanted to ask you about you make your own or do you have them printed somewhere. Hope you have a great and creative day!