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the studio...

peeks into the noodle and lou studio for you guys! you can click on the photos to make them larger if you want. I'm so happy to start the new year off all organized and tidy! We all know it won't stay this way...but it's sooooo good to get it all cleaned out once in awhile! We all need a fresh start from time to time, don't we:)

Aren't the walls the ugliest color on earth? yuck. And then the brown doors and trim and blinds...yikes...really dark. It really makes me nuts...But, then I remember it is only temporary and I'm REALLY so grateful for the space. REALLY! So I filled one wall with art. Lots of beauties from Jake, framed paper puppets from the redroostercraft etsy shop...ADORE them. Prints from Studio Spiral and Debbie Egizio. Little birdie art by CourtneyP. And 2 prints that we bought in San Francisco on our honeymoon.

My sweet little cabinet, seen above, holds more treasures and a collection of loved Halloween ladies who stay out all year.

close up of my little display case with bits and pieces of things I love. Stamp artwork by my favorite resident son Jake. Gorgeous little print by The Brilliant Magpie, little houses and heart by surprise, delight, joy, monoprint doll ornament by Cathy Cullis, a little swatch of Jake's baby outfit, loved photos...

this is where I sit at my desk and paint and talk to you guys:) Hi! I have my printer, scanner, paints and paper all at my fingertips. The TV is for my little buddies when they want to lounge in my room on the little yellow couch...and sometimes (when I don't have my music playing) I like to have it on as background noise. Those Top Chef marathons are good to work to! Who knew!?!

my little vintage black shelves over my computer display some of my early dolls, a sweet dollie by Fat Jak Originals, more photos and little white drawers filled with things I use and like to look at.

I turned the room's closet into my shipping headquarters;) I store my canvases and other mass quantities of supplies on the shelves. Lots of frames and wooden plaques waiting to be painted. a whole shelf of vintage photos and books. more art books and magazines for inspiration. I tucked my little white vintage desk in there for a wrapping surface...all my ribbons and such are tucked into stackable drawers just out of the shot. It is so nice to have everything you need within reach!!

and yet another vintage cabinet that has had many purposes since I bought it in Jacksonville when we were first married! It's been a pantry, a linen closet, a sweater cabinet, a toy cabinet and just recently (in our last house) the boys' clothes closet! really!

mail sorters make great stickers and cards and packing labels storage!!

Well, that's about it! Hope you guys enjoyed the tour:) Thanks for stopping by. Happy organizing!



denversavage said...

I think one could live there! You just need a little hotplate and tiny fridge! :) I like seeing the bits of N and L on the shelves, waiting to be adopted cute!

Hope you are digging out of the snow! More to come mid week-those nasty Alberta clippers, eh?

purplecat said...

Ooh so neat and tidy-feels good doesn't it? Mind it never seems to last long with me, I start creating and then there is mess!

thanks for sharing, I LOVE peeking in others

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oy! I'm shocked at the amount of stuff you have in one room, lol. I can't believe you had to pack up all of that. Everything looks so nice and tidy, I'm going to have to do some work on my studio now. I'm a true blue slob.
Thanks for the tour Jenn!!!

elma said...

Love the tour Jenn!! What a nice space to do all your creating in. Love your collections to. Don't you just feel so great when everything is in it's proper place?? Thanks for leting us see your craft room.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness. You have the most adorable and wonderful treasures. LOVE the way you display/organize everything. Love the pail for the wrapping papers. Gonna do that. Thanks for sharing your yummy glimpses with us. Very inspiring. xoxoxo

twolefthands said...

I would never get anywork done, cuz I would be looking at all those sweet little treasures all day! What a wonderful place to spend the day!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Great space Jenn!

Scrappy Kind Of Girl said...

This is a fabalous space! TFS! :)

The Queen's Castle said...

I think I have as much 'stuff' as you.... just not near as cute! ;)
Goal for the month: Organize my craft room (ugh!)

Beth Quinn said...

ohhh jen i love your studio - thanks so much for sharing !!! hope your having a great new year !!! and keeping warm !

Jody said...

I love your studio, Jenn! You can just sense the "soul" of the space you create many meaningful pieces and oh so organized!!!
Thanks for all your encouragement---You are a dear!!!

Micki said...

Your studio is fab!!
I love your art and your blog! I've awarded you with the Lemonade Stand Award!!!! Visit my blog to pick up your award and also the instructions.

Micki x

Funky Art Queen said...

you could make anything look good. Could you come over and fix my house up like this....ohh and bring your halloween ladies! Heehee
Let me invite you to come over and participate in my unique hearts photo challenge.

The Cog said...

Oi! I am such the book hound...I love to see the books others have in their studios...and you share one of my very favorites...The Principles of Uncertainty. AND I used to have pretty ugly walls in my little studio....and now one is an amazing pink...and another reminds me of the soft blue of my brother's eyes...the other odd walls are a nice neutral beige...but adding the hit of color has made all the difference to your studio and thanks for sharing !

The Thomas Clan said...

Wonderful works space ... so cozy.
My daughter and I would like to try and make some clay goodies. Not wanting to know any of your secrets:-) would you recommend air-drying claying?
She is 9 and ready to try and sculpt.
Warmest hugs.

aliceinparis said...

What fun to see:) So neat and tidy. I dream of having a studio. I use the dining room table. I can imagine one gets so much more done.
Thanks for sharing:)
Cheers, Shelagh

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

what a space... a space to breathe out & BE!
i LOVE it to pieces & am moving in tomorrow! :)
so happy you shared!

do you know HOW hard it is for me NOT to open my cute Valentine... wrapped in utter delight... gift? killing me! YES... i bought that for my hubby to give to ME! :) hee hee

Trine said...

Oh...I can't stand it, I just love your studio. I want to come and drink wine and dig around!!!! When I see this wonderful space that you have I think.......WE HAVE TO MOVE....WE NEED A BIGGER HOUSE!!!
Great job.

Sarah said...

looks like a fun place to create! love the the little bits and pieces stuff!
Vintage Lily

purplecat said...

If you have time drop by my blog I nominated you for an award!

Fantastic Figments said...

This is awesome and thanks so much for sharing your space with us. I get a lot of good organization ideas by checking out how other people work within their pace.
I WATCH TOP CHEF AND PAINT TOOOOOO. Totally serious. I don't care how many time I see the reruns it is good mindless entertainment for the masses! I love it.

You have such a great space I bet you are really excited about it! Live it up sister!


bLu eYd YoGi said...

Invite into your HEART only those energies that resonate with the desire to obey your ultimate calling to INSPIRATION~

Krissysart said...

I am soooo impressed by you. What a wonderfully inspirational and organized space! I want to paint there! I'm embarrassed at how horrid mine is. My dream of dreams is to have my space organized, cute and a joy to work in. Right now? yukko!

Heather said...

What a great space! I love all the art you have up. This year, now that I have a studio, I want to decorate it with other artists' work. I need something from you to be sure!
Hope you guys are all nice and warm up your way!~

michelle sylvia said...

Your studio is FABULOUS!! I LOVE how you have things to organize the little gadgets,papers and other stuff that clutters!!! Thanks for sharing pics. My studio looks like a bomb went off and I am in the midst of organizing and trying to decorate for inspiration. :0) You have got that down pat!


jewelrygirl said...

Your studio looks great! Wish mine were so neat. The art work is charming, and it speaks to is lovely

Tammy said...

Hi Jenn! Looks like you are all ready for 2009! Your room is sweet and functional. Perfect for the liitle visitors, too. We have had some frigid weather ourselves. ALl schools were cancelled yesterday accept ours because if they didn't have school then they could not have the all night volleyball camp. Pretty silly, huh!?
Have a wonderful wekend. Stay warm and cozy. Maybe some fuzzy slippers, a throw, a good book or movie and a cup of tea or cocoa.

Doda said...

Very nice - almost makes me feel like having a tidy out - almost, I said!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tour! I love your studio! VERY INSPIRING :)