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simply, wonderfully, amazing
it is 61 degrees outside!
i wore NO socks today.
the snow is all melted away and
the sun is shining.
Henry and I had a picnic and then
walked to school and
I am soaking up every last second of
this warmth. I know it will
be gone soon...but at least I feel like
I can handle it now!
amazing what a little warmth can do:)

hope you are enjoying YOUR tuesday


tascha said...

Oh you have sun?!!! It is warm here too, but raining. I am enjoying the warm weather though, rain or shine!

elma said...

Oh it is soooo beautiful!! It sure makes ya feel so good after this long cold winter. Adrian is outside playing in the mud:) Have a wonderful day Jenn!!!

Nancy said...

Love the image - remembering the warm sun on my face. Enjoy the sun, it's chilly her in Northern CA


Carrie said...

Yay! No socks :)

michelle said...

amazing what a little sunshine and shoes with no socks can do for a girls spirits!

lori vliegen said...

love, love, love your shoes!! too cute!! so glad you had a chance to be outside and soak up some warmth and vitamin D! enjoy! :)

Artfulife said...

No Fair! It's soooooo cold here today. Will you please enjoy a little of the warmth for me?

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

sixty one degrees... i would be frolicing in that vitamin D too! :)

sure hope you have a splendid Tuesday... BIG hugs!

oh... cAuuuute shoes!

Mariella ;) said...

yes i love the warms day in winter!!!
this last sunday we spend a pretty day in the lake! yeah for more days warmth!

have a good week!


aliceinparis said...

We are supposed to get warmer weather tomorrow but 60 and sunny????? I don't think so.

Beth Quinn said...

hi jenn ! I love love those shoes where did you get them ??!!! anyways wouldn't you know its rainy and cold here in AZ like 50 degrees - soo glay you are getting some sun !!!! its always good for the soul!!

LuLu said...

Ah! Jenn! We are getting this kind of weather tomorrow and it should stay for a few days. A few years ago, it got so mild here in Southern Quebec in February that we slept outside !!! Here, we now say that Spring starts on Feb 15, with the sun changing and the weather getting a little milder. Soon come! Take care, LuLu xxx

Susan said...

Yay for warm weather. We had record breaking 70's today. Enjoy, enjoy!

CourtneyP said...

Warm were I am too and I love it!!!

Love Love Love your shoes!!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Looove the warm weather...It is all a tease though. I think we may be due for some storms...oh, well.

Loove your music. I could stay on your blog all day and play the music! LOL

KathrynAntyr said...

It is warm here today. I can't wait to go out and soak up the sun when I pick up my son from school. You are lucky that the snow has melted. Our dirty banks are getting smaller. I haven't been noticing the dirty snow too much as my view is of the bluebird sky!

Liz said...

61!!!! AWESOME! It was 49 here yesterday (record for Green Bay) and we had a blast, too!

your feet are cute too...


Doda said...

HEllo! Guess what! You've won the little bird brooch from my one worldone heart giveaway.
Please send me your address and I'll send him off to you !


Ahem...I love your shoes, may I ask the details on them??
THanks :)