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down to the wire LOVE update

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february 7, 2009
@ 7:00 p.m. NEW YORK time

for a down to the wire

I finally got some photos uploaded!! oooooh such a good feeling! That's the good news. The bad news is that something is still not right. My computer is slow as molasses and acting up a bit still. So that is why the update can not be until Saturday. I know Valentine's Day is almost here...but I promise to get all your purchases in the mail on the Monday after the update and you should get all your V-day goodies in plenty of time:) And really Valentine decor is just hearts and love and lots of reds...I mean you can leave that all year! That's my pitch! I have houses, dresses, ornaments and a couple other goodies in the update for you. And I haven't forgotten about those of you waiting for commissions. Thanks for being patient during the "noodle and lou computer crisis 2009"!!!

I'll leave you with these little peeks and my wish for you to have a Happy Friday! I have a busy day ahead of me. Starting with a Kindergarten orientation thing for Henry. I am in denial. My baby can not be going into Kindergarten. There is a little pit in my stomach and lump in my throat whenever I think of it! oh boy...



elmaelsiena said...

Love the ornaments Jenn and is that apainting on the bottom?? Have a fun day at least try:) t is so hard for our little ones to grow isn't it?

lori vliegen said...

so many fun things to choose from! i'm going to get my fingers limbered up...i had a lulette in my cart during your last update and all i did was blink and it was gone! maybe i need to put some anti-theft devices in my cart!! :)))

enjoy your orientation today. both of my "babies" have college degrees now, but i definitely remember that pit in my stomach (and i still get it sometimes!). :)

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Awww, I know how you feel. I cried in the parking lot on the way in to Alex's orientation.
You'll be ok Jenn, be a big girl:)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Jenn super cute as always!!


michelle said...

It all looks lovely! Grrrr computers! Be careful that pit in the stomach is how I got Joshua!

Skelly Addict said...

Yay...more super cute noodleandlou work!!! All the little teases are awesome!
I remember when my Mom dropped me off at Lollipop Lane (my preschool) and I stood at the window and cried when she left and watch her until I couldn’t see her anymore. Years later she told me that she without a doubt remembers that and watched me in her rearview mirror as she drove away until she couldn't see me anymore too! Boo hoo, eh!?!
Hope that didn't make you feel worse! But you know…I look at it, as a situation that shows the true bond that a mother and child share and what an amazing connection that is! Something no child, should ever be without!!
Big OOOs to you today!

mystele said...

hi, jen! i can't find your email link but you've been on my mind. just wanted to toss this your way- they asked me to keep my eyes open for artists, and you came to mind. they put another call out today, and your name was there again. so i just wanted to put it out there. take care, lady!

Garden Painter Art said...


I adore your V-day ornaments. I wonder what they are made of, wood, clay, dough?

Hang in there throughout Kindergarten. I know it's a tough time. My two boys are only 15 months apart and they started kindergarten the same year. Although, I must admit, that didn't last long, as we ended up by learning at home anyway! My boys are now 19 and 20. My daughter is 15 and has never been to a traditional school. But...she reads Jane Austen anyway!

Good luck with your computer doings. I am computer illiterate myself.

Garden Painter Art

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

WOW! You've been busy. Everything is so awesome. Have a great weekend.

Jody said...

Jenn, everything looks so festive and beautiful...I will be gone tomorrow (it's our big Gala again--it's our last year to co-chair!)...I hope there's a goodie left for me!:) Take care and enjoy your sweet little guy....yes, time flies!

Anonymous said...

Jenn! I am so glad you can add pics again! I love your work! I just tagged you to receive an award in my blog! Please go read it!
Happy Friday!

carolyn said...

i found your blog from another blog and love the cute art that you create. i am gonna "follow" your blog and i am follower #100!

Pamela said...

the only thing better than v-day decorations is v-day ornaments!!! so fun, festive, and flirty. thanks pamela

twolefthands said...

It's hard to send them off to kindergarten, when they are so little! I love your new goodies!