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my bag

Isn't it funny how some things just stick in your head? This photo is 30 something years old and I can remember this bag so well! I loved it. I was so proud of it. I remember thinking it was super cool that it said "My Bag". Not your bag. MY bag:) I mean, there could be no confusion people! This is where I kept my little pair of safety scissors and my little bottle of Elmers Glue and my little box of Crayola crayons. I wonder what kind of little drawings were sent home via my bag. Or what sort of papers from my teacher were sent home in my bag. Such a simple and wonderful thing to love. My bag.

Hope you have something simple and wonderful to love today! Happy Monday everyone!



twolefthands said...

It's funny how the "little" things really are them most important. What a sweet little bag!

Jennifer Williams aka Blueskysunburn said...

It's funny to remember how the simplest things made us so proud back then.

lori vliegen said...

look at sweet you carrying that sweet bag! i'll bet you brought home lots of masterpieces in that bag! too, too cute! :)

mia said...

jenn - i remember this bag too!! and the dress - you were sosooso cute - still are!!!!!!!!

annax said...

The sweetest post!! It made me smile from ear to ear! Oh all those wonderful memories, and you were so cute!! said...

Miss Jenn, I think you might still have a magic creative bag you carry around? For creative moments ;)

I know I do!! ;) xoxo

michelle said...

That is just an adorable little bag-and picture! Funny how pictures make us remember exactly how we felt when we were little. Makes me want to work on my kids scrapbooks so they can remember too!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Look at you and YOUR bag! How sweet is that. My simply sweet something was a little plastic gingerbread girl pin whose head flipped open and it had lip gloss inside. I still have her in my jewelry box!

Artfulife said...

I think I had that dress in a blue color! How funny. Love the bag.

Liz said...

oh jenn... dang that is a cute bag!
and gosh... you are so stinkin adorable as you are now... i still think you look like a movie star!

liz :)

michelle sylvia said...

What a sweet post! LOVE your pic and your bag! Most of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE your saddle shoes!! OMG!! I always wanted a pair and to this day I swear, if I find a pair in my size I am treating myself! :0)

My favorite bag was my first school bag that said "Top Banana" on it. :0)


Jody said...

Hi Jenn!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!:)
I love your sweet memory and the picture---you are ADORABLE!!!!
Have a great day!

Krissysart said...

What an adorable little post! You were such a cutie. I remember this jar I had which I had written, 'New York Money' because I was convinced I would be a famous actress. I socked away money in that little jar for years! Needless to say, I am not a famous star. Sigh...

Queen Bean said...

How cute are you? Don't you wish you still had that bag? Deana

maggiecrawford said...

oh that is so cute!
i had a my lunchbox!
~ maggie ~
we have the same song playing!!

Ronnie said...

Awh, what a sweet little girl you were.
Boy, you can't stay away from your blog for long! You've been in overdrive.
Charming Charming and Charming again. Love the little valentine houses and the tiny dresses, OOh so cute. Brilliant, Jenn. Always an inspiration to get off my bum and get going!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

You have the cutest childhood photos! That's one hip bag;)
Have a nice day...I hear you're getting more snow:( Us too.
Smile...only a month or so of winter to go!! Yippeeee!!!

Susan said...

You were (and still are) too cute. I just realized that I accidentally stopped following you. Yikes! Can't do that, now can we? Take care, Susan.

Pamela said...

just found your blog and I am so excited to know you are on etsy. I love it.

KathrynAntyr said...

How precious. I am a bag lady for sure. I love bags more than shoes or clothes, or jewelry. Oh yeah. What a little cutie so happy with bag in hand.

Garden Painter Art said...

That is a fabulous photo from back in the day. A simpler time, I must admit. I just recently posted on my blog about my second grade poetry folder. I loved "wishnik" dolls. They are basically the same as what is now called Trolls. Oh for the simpler times.

I love your work so much. I have two Etsy shops myself. Would you care to exchange links. I picked up your blog from Black-Eyed Suzie.

Thanks so much:
Garden Painter Art
Musty Boxes Ephemera

Garden Painter Art said...


I've just added the link to your blog on my blog.

I wanted to tell you that I think I've pinpointed the main attraction I have for your work (besides the obvious fact that it's whimsical and so very colorful)'s the tilt of the heads!! I adore quirks and tilts. Your "characters" are quirky and askew. I love that.

Garden Painter Art

Danita said...

This picture is soooo cute!!!
I know what you mean about things getting fixed in your head... i remember small things like that and can't remember the names of people I knew for years :P

Martha Lever said...

Oh Jenn, thank you so much!!! You KNOW how much I love YOUR art!!

catherine said...

oh you are so adorable!
can i be your old "bag" friend?
ha ha ha!
you know I love ya!
I remember specific things like that too, my favorite pair of tennis shoes, or chunky bass shoes with the red laces, remember those?
you're probably too young.
Sad thing is, that's all I can remember, everything else is *POOF* gone from the shrinking brain syndrome! ;)
anyways, such sweet memories, I love how you think!
hope your computer isn't giving you the "bizness" and you can get up to speed soon!

Sarah said...

love it! so sweet!
Vintage Lily