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just wishing you all a fun filled FRIDAY!
hooray for the weekend and
HOO-RAY for some warmer weather.
The boys and I played forever outside today.
there was sun and NO winter coats...
we WALKED home from school!
such a huge treat.

I have a few things to put in the shop this weekend.
Just a couple of paintings...and new prints
(this little dress will be a new print, the original was for a sweet friend).
some exciting news about some upcoming projects too!
but for now...go ENJOY
your Friday!!

big xoxox...jenn


Charisse said...

I love that dress!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Happy weekend Jenn!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi there Jenn,
thanks for the feed back on the wall tile I appreciate it.

Love the new print, super sweet!

Happy Friday,

elma said...

HI there Jenn!! The weather is 72 today:) WOW the windows are open and it just feels soooo good. Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you are creating.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

happy weekend to you too!

some exciting news... ALRIGHT!

big hugs!!!!

lori vliegen said...

happy friday, happy sunshine, happy day with no winter coats!! it's a perfect day here, too! :)

Garden Painter Art said...


I find that coming to your blog always, always, always makes me feel lighter and happier. I needed that today!

I had a bitter customer purchase from my vintage photo shop on Etsy a couple of weeks ago, and she turned out to be, well....a nightmare! She left 3 negative feedbacks for me yesterday out of pure hatefulness.

Why do I let things like that bother me so?

Thank you for your colorful and fun blog. It's a mood booster.

Garden Painter Art

Artfulife said...

So fun! Hope you have a great weekend too. I am so ready to paint.

Kelly said...

I love this little dress!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Cute little dress...I wish I could buy one and wear it with some Mary Janes!

Blog Artists said...

Such a beautiful little dress...and love your work and blog, this is my first time visiting...the music is awesome!

Heather said...

Yay! I am so ready for spring and pretty spring dresses like this!~

snippetgirl said...

Polka dots are my favorite! I would love to don this dress on a spring day :).
Enjoy your weekend!
The SnipPet Girl