noodle and lou

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keep looking up...

okay...the gorgeous weather is gone!
my beautiful warm sun has been replaced with chilly pouring rain. so sad...but at least we had yesterday. the sun felt soooo good!! so, I'll just keep looking up...waiting for my sweet sun to return once more. How do you like that segue into my new painting?
"they remembered to keep looking up"

acrylics over vintage text on a re-purposed wooden plaque. the piece measures 20 inches long, 6 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. i love these long skinny pieces to hang over a door or a bed!

and this 8x10 re-worked canvas. Just a silly little house with a wonky roof sitting on top of a hill:) "une belle maison"
both of these are headed over to the shop right now!

ooooh and for that good news I mentioned!?

Chrissie Grace is writing a new book about swaps and collaborations and I am participating with 12 other SUPER AMAZING artists!! I am so excited about this!!! go peek at Chrissie's blog for more details and to see who else is participating:) noodle and lou studio in a book!! I'm so tickled! Thanks Chrissie!!

Chrissie has already published these books... "Wild Tiles" and "Tiles Gone Wild"
check 'em out!

okay...this is the 2nd time I've written this post, because I accidentally deleted it the first time. (so depressing!!) I'm off to my etsy and then off to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Even if it is raining:)



denversavage said...

I am so thrilled for you to be feautured in an art collaboration, let alone a book!! Congratulations Jenn!!

And I couldn't resist the lil maison! so fun!

It's cloudy and cold here too, but I like these days. I have a pot of split pea soup on the stove......mmmm, smells so good.


sUz said...

They are beautiful jeNn! I just love the colors.

And major congrats on being published - yahoooo for noodle and lou!!!

iN jOy,

lori vliegen said...

i LOVE your new artwork! so, so cute!! and, i'm tickled pink for you about your book opportunity! a super big bloggy WOO HOO for jenn!! :)

michelle said...

You know, I just never get tired of those houses of yours! Congrats on the book! Obviously they know what they are doing!

tascha said...

YA HOOOIE! That is great news on the book Jenn!
I can't wait to get it!

Artfulife said...

Hey no worries Jenn! I know you wouldn't even know how to be rude if you tried ;) Hope you and the boys had a great weekend.

annax said...

Love the new art work! Brilliant work!

mia said...

jenn - CONGRATULATIONS! to my super famous, brilliant, talented, beautiful, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flor Larios Art said...

Love the new paintings... especially the little house!

Kaili said...

Congratulations on the book Jenn, that is SO SO exciting!! And the paintings are beautiful, I love how you reworked the house painting, I need to do that rather than throw yucky paintings out! I'm passing onto you a BLOGGING Award! You can see the details on my blog. You don't have to post it if you don't want to, its really just to let you know I LOVE your ART! Kaili @ Billy&Button

windlewood said...

Hi Jenn!!
I know what you mean about the chilly rain. We seem to get your weather right after you! As long as it's NOT SNOW!
Love all your new things! You are brilliant with color :)