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little french sayings...

a quick little note to give you the ladies names and French sayings translations. oooh la la! just a reminder that they will be in the shop promptly at 7:00 pm EST. The listings will show up one after another with about 10 seconds between. Just refresh your browser to see new ones pop up. thanks so much sweet noodle-ettes!!! xoxox

"how beautiful this woman is!"


"ladies of high rank"

"the time passes so quickly"

"she quickly learnt french"

"very pretty"

***blogger is chopping up my sentences next to the ladies! sorry it's hard to read!***


Carmen said...

I love Betsey. I don't think I'll be in time for the update... I'm sure these ladies will sell out in a snap!!

snippetgirl said...

Such sweet French sayings...thanks for the translations too! Why does everything sound better in French?! Your lovely ladies are simply glorious with their flushed cheeks and fabulous hats!
I did a "what city should you be living in?" quiz on Facebook and mine said Paris! I was like, when is the next plane out?????

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Very sweet and appropriate! Love them all, but I have a preference for Betsey.
:) Karen

Krissysart said...

Oh, that Jacquel.....she's got the hat for me! These ladies just keep getting better and better, Jenn! How wonderful you are!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I stopped to take a peak in your shop when I got off of work. Congrats for selling all of your new gals. How sad for me though. I need something Spring colored to brighten up my house and help me think Spring. I'll keep an eye out.


visionquest2020 at msn dot com

Diane Duda said...


Geisslein said...

Oh they are SO BEAUTIFUL! You know, I love your artwork ;o)
Wish you a great day today!

Heather said...

sacre bleu! I love these ladies and their floppy french hats! Tres, tres adorable...

Hehe, thanks for letting me rehash some high school french ;)

Garden Painter Art said...


Your little ladies are so whimsical. Each one is a little jewel!

Garden Painter Art