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signs of spring...some good, some bad

yes, some teeny signs of Spring are showing up in our yard! and let me tell you how excited we are to see them!! well, I was excited and then the pouring rain started on Saturday and kept on through today and as the boys were going to bed, Jake said "why are my socks all wet?".

The lower level of our house flooded. We spent the next couple hours schlepping all the furniture and tons of toys out of there. I'm a freak about I'm trying not to completely flip out. ugh. Fun night, huh? I hope my sweet little bulb, sprouting out of the dead leaves didn't float away...

well, here's to a DRY Monday!!!



Artfulife said...

oh my goodness! Jenn I hope you can get it all dried up quickly. Fans, lots and lots of fans. Then bleach if you are so very worried. I would google flood clean up and see what you can find. Just giving advise from what we do during remodels. Hope your week is better than today was.

Kathy De Wit said...

Thanks to Kaili's blog I found this wonderful place...really nice work!

Have fun to create more! I really love it!
XXX from Belgium

meplusmolly said...

oh rubbish wet socks!! hope you have a dry monday and a good week to make up for it all! ;0

aliceinparis said...

What a dear little snow drop:)
and ACK!!!!! flood. I hear you about the mold. Get the dehumidifiers and fans out!
Wishing you a dry week!
Cheers, Shelagh

Susan said...

Dear Jenn, I have been through the flooding thing myself. I know how much work it is. Hang in there and run several fans to help with the mold. Happy Monday! Susan

lori vliegen said...

i'm so sorry that the rain made its way into your house! i know what you mean about the mold, but it sounds like you caught it early, so i'm sure that everything will be a-okay! keep focusing on that sweet little flower bulb out in your yard...

Heidi said...

The rain over the whole weekend was crazy! We have a new house with a dirt yard and I hope the grass seed I put down last fall didn't get swept away in the deluge. Sorry to hear about your basement. Our sump pump quit working once and the same happened to us. Couple inches of water in the basement. Mold started forming and I thought I got rid of it until we moved a few years later and behind a shelf was mold attached to the drywall. Thanks for the beautiful picture of the emerging crocus! Good reminder that better things are coming our way.

denversavage said...

Oh Jenn! I feel for you! There is nothing worse than a flood-except fire! Or a flooded basement with raw sewage!! True story, and oh so gross! That's what prometed me to move last fall, I'd finally had enough, and that last flood was the shits, pun intended. I am a freak about mold too, but after the other, I didn't ever feel clean, every time I went down to the basement. So I moved. And would't you know it, two weeks after moving in, this basement flooded too! It's these old quaint homes I am so in love with!

Hope your Monday stays dry and mold free!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

hang in there! sorry the storms came in! i love using borax to fight the mold. hang in there! have a good week.

Ronnie said...

Oh, NO! Good luck with the basement! What a bummer!

sUz said...

oh yuck jeNn! And yuck for jAke too with those wet socks, ewww. I hope that clean up is fast!

The teeny crocus is SO pretty - thanks!

iN jOy,

Jody said...

Hi Jenn,
So sorry about the flooding--I get freaked out about mold & those things, too! Hope things are drying out!!!
And congrats on the book project! How exciting---I can't wait!
Hang in there...Spring is just around the corner!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hope you're all dried out by now Jenn. I have never lived in a house with a basement, can you believe it? I have always wanted one but you have me rethinking my wish:) I hate wet socks!!
Good luck to you!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...

yikes what a day!!
i freak about mold too... that & spilled milk... i swear that stinky spoiled smell stays FOREVER!!
or i convince myself it does :)

i woke up to fog
then came the rain
& now

Trine said... fun to see these little baby plants coming. You are so far ahead of us here, we are still covered in snow but starting to thaw.