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a celebration

hi everyone! I got back in to town Sunday night and was greeted to a BLIZZARD! oooh...I don't particularly enjoy the landing part of flying in an airplane (though it's obviously a very important necessity!)...but landing in pouring snow? I was officially in freak out mode. Then to make matters worse, a passenger asks the flight attendant in the middle of a terrible lightning rain storm over Nashville, "what would you rather do...crash in to the ground or crash in to water?". Folks...that is something you NEVER want to talk about while IN the air on a very turbulent plane ride. Are you with me on that? We all clapped wildly when our wonderful pilots landed the plane in Chicago in all that blinding snow! Amazing. Simply amazing that they know how to do that. so YAY...I'm home:) It was a lovely weekend celebrating my grandparents' 60th Anniversary. So nice to see my parents and sister and nephew and Aunts and Uncles and cousins!!! And of course the reason we were all there! My grandparents. I'll share some of our trip down memory lane with you:) Here they are when they were dating...

so darling...

and here they are 60 years later...just as darling!

my dad with his 2 sisters and parents on the street where my Grandparents' story started...

this was the cute teeny house my parents' lived in when I was born. we visited all sorts of places in the old neighborhood. The little theater where my grandparents went on their 1st date, the house where my grandaddy was born, the adorable little church where they were married. We must have been quite a sight wandering around the streets in this huge group...standing in front of people's homes snapping pictures and pointing;)

We ended the day with a delicious Southern fried chicken dinner! I'm more into the "fixins" myself...but I have to say the fried chicken is deeee-licious!! This place has been around since the 1930's and my family has been going there since the beginning!
I clearly needed more starch on my plate;) Their gravy is so good, a couple people (I won't name names) were ready to hook their arms up to an IV of it!! It is THAT good:) oooh and the sweet tea...with lime! There is nothing in this world better than sweet tea. And a little honey added to those little biscuits. yum. It was such a treat!!
and speaking of treats...
I don't get to see my family too often, so it was a great treat to all be together. This is my sister and cousin (both so adorable, right!?) with me.'s back to reality. The boys went back to school today after a fun, and much too quick, Spring Break. Our downstairs has FINALLY been repaired and the piles of furniture and everything else is ready to go back down. I'm overwhelmed at the thought...but that will need some attention this week. And I'm going to get back to some noodle and lou work! To all of you that are waiting on orders that I said I would do in April...I'll start work on those this week:):) And, of course, I will be catching up with all of you! Thanks for peekin' in!



Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your Grandparents trip - sounds like it was a total blast. What a privilege to have so many generations celebrating in one place.
I stumbled on your art while blogging and had to add your adorable french couple pic and link to my transitions piece. Love the energy color and sweetness of your work.

Artfulife said...

Oh my goodness! You made me so homesick for some good southern food! Looks like you had a blast. So good to hear that your basement is almost back to normal. Hope you have a happy rest of the week (even though it's yucky outside)

elsiee said...

a beautiful love story and lots of family to share it with, magical... glad your landed safely!

meplusmolly said...

Ooo what a story! It looked like a fab break and celebration, lovely ;0 x

twolefthands said...

Wow, 60 years! My Mom and dad are celbrating 60 years May the 2nd. What a great time! Glad you had a safe landing, I prefer to crash in the water, I think!

Geisslein said...

Such a lovely post! Thanks for sharing with us! wish you a lovely day - sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

Elma said...

Love the pictures!! Your grandparents are a very nice looking couple. Who took care of the boys? Have a great day.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

love your pictures! how cute are they? i have old pictures of my grandparents like this also...sigh

snippetgirl said...

Thanks for sharing the details of your special family weekend with us!
Sounds like a wonderful time! lulette house arrived and I am totally in love with it!!!!

Fantastic Figments said...

Jen that looks like the best reunion ever! Everyone so happy, that is nice to see. Your family is beautiful.

Oh and I am so happy you had great pilots! that is very important HAHA.. I guess if you into parachuting than landing isn't a requirement. I hate flying though nothing like it.

Well I am sooo happy you are home safe and had such a great time!

Can't wait to see what is coming up from Noodle and Lou's


Mary Wadsworth said...

Hey Jenn,

So glad you are back on the ground safe and sound! I only like to fly in my dreams, lol. You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!


andrea said...

How fun was that trip?!I can only imagine being able to revisit my grandparents old stomping grounds.That would be a real treat..I'm sure you'll treasure this visit forever.
Take care-Oh and glad all went well with the landing!Not so fun,I hate turbulence and flying in general...

lori vliegen said...

so glad you're home safely...we missed you!! your grandparents and family are all so sweet! glad you had a chance to enjoy biscuits and honey, sweet tea, and great memories! :)

Krissysart said...

How wonderful! Isn't it so cool to walk down memory lane....literally? My 97 year old grandmother recently showed me a bunch of pictures of the house she grew up in and her own grandparents. It makes me feel so connected to her and all those folks I 'came' from!

aliceinparis said...

I loved this entry! I am so sentimental, what a great reason for a trip and what fun you all had.
Loved the pics.
I would have been so scared in that plane:)

Trine said...

I love seeing pictures of your family!! How fun to see your are so luck to have them!!!
Hope you are well!!

Älskar sött/ Unik kollektion said...

Hi Jen!!

You look like the cutest little doll I ever have seen!! Such a carisma in your eyes.. =)

I guess its your sister on the other side of the picture(not your cousin who stands in the middle)????? =o

You are very alike your aunt in the glasses and the lovely dress!! (When you have your glasses too....=)

Guess what..your marvellous, divine and totaly fantastic lullettes has arrived safe this week!! Jippie..jippie...And I adore them..!! you are such a talented painter....I want to buy!!

But a guess you already knew!!

Take care..hugs and kisses Malin xoxox

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I am in love with the old photo of your grandparents . I do not know why it is but old images like that seem to make it look like old times where so much simpler HMmmm? I guess that would be a question for your Grandparents. Oh and yes that was a lot of starch on that plate . My favorite food group!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Love your pictures and your story here! What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing!

julie king said...

congratulations to your grandparents, jenn! they are so adorable!

did you say sweet tea? i'm addicted!

take care, sweet jenn!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Sweet pics! Looks like a lot of fun. :) Time does fly by. Have a great weekend!

lori said...

Yahoo!...what great reunion. And yes, your grandparents certainly are darling.

José said...


That place looks great and the people look quite friendly.
I think I'll pass the food.... :-)
Much better than living in an apartment from a building where people barely say hi to each other.

Best regards,