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happy friday!!

wishing you all a deeee-lightful Friday!
I marked a couple more things down in my etsy shop,
if you wanna take a peek...and you may notice my
cafepress shop has disappeared. I've decided to close
it down in the interest of keeping my monthly fees down:)

In brighter news, I'll be working on opening my lollishop
very soon! Yay! I don't know how to copy and paste links on my
hubby's laptop (seriously!! feel free to giggle at me!! oh and no pictures either!)
...but google it! It is a delightful online marketplace:)

Workin' on some other fun projects AND going to get a
Mother's Day update ready for you noodlettes!! yahooooo

I'll keep you posted on all of it...with links and pretty photographs...all...very soon:)
My computer officially croaked today. Even the "computer guys"
at my hubby's work said forget's toast. So adios little fella...
it's been swell!!! xoxoxo...jenn


Mr Lee said...

Your blog is wonderful!Thank you so much for your kind comments on our blog.Look forward to your visit usually.Have a happy weekend. said...

cute cute cute...

love my best buy toshiba...
about $400 right now....
$500 after the geek squad does they're thing
oh and of course the
verizon air card...
it takes me everywhere I go...
have a great weekend....
mona & the girls
ps I am seriously addicted to it..

Mabel + Lola said...

very excited about lollishop (super cute name!)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! Ah! So you are going to be on Lollishop! I have been thinking about jumping in too! On a different note, I just got my mom an "almost new" Dell Inspiron laptop on eBay for less than $200 ! It is a real beauty, it even smell new! Great deal! Have a wonderful weekend, darling Jenn! LuLu xxx

snippetgirl said...

Hey sweet pea!
Just wnated to tell you that i gave you a little award on my blog.
I hope you have a GREAT weekend!
You are the BEST,

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hey Jenn,
Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend!
Hope the computer issues work out for the better!