noodle and lou

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hip hoppity day...

Happy Easter to you and you and YOU!

we've had a fun day and the weather was INCREDIBLE!!
what a huge treat for our Easter egg hunt especially.
here you see mr. noodle and little lou inspecting their loot.
they are so funny:) Jake found the most eggs and found all 3 of the BIG eggs with the dollar bills in them. Washingtons as Henry would say!


Hope this beautiful day found you all well! I'm off to eat some yummy Easter dinner with my little family:)


p.s. Spooky Time Jingles website updates tonight around midnight EST! I heard the Halloween convention was a great success for all the artists...yahoooo:):)


Fantastic Figments said...

awww thanks for sharing your Easter with us Jenn and you little family is just so sweet. Happy day to you.


nollyposh said...

Oh i so love a little Easter egg hunt X:-) oh and i keep meaning to say to you Jenn, to half the size of your "music box" (so that it doesn't go over your posts) just go into where you saved it, look for "width" and just change the number next to it, say go from 360 to 260 or 200 or whatever until it "fits" on your page X:-) Easy peasy x

elsiee said...

noodle and lou are beautiful boys, you lucky mommy you!

twolefthands said...

Aren't they precious! Happy easter Jenn!

Heidi said...

Those pictures of your boys are so cute with their haul! I didn't take any pictures this year of my boys. The oldest looks very spotted from all his poison ivy and the other two hardly stay still enough to capture them on film!

Alisa said...

Happy Easter!

sUz said...

Looks like you had a fabulous easter jeNn! Your little noodle and mr. lou are adorable as always :)

iN jOy,

p.s. I saw your stj pages - everything is really great but I'm smitten with that joy angel!

sUz said...

oOps, I mean mr. noodle and little lou!

Garden Painter Art said...


My 3 babies are too old to hunt for Easter eggs now. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your little ones!

Even though my kids don't hunt Easter eggs, we still decorate them. This year, we used bubble wrap to get some fabulous effects. If you have a chance, hop over to my blog and see a few photos of our eggs.

Garden Painter Art

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

sweet pics! have a great week!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

your boys are so cute...great boots btw!


Jennie said...

So sweet! Holidays are best when spent with loved ones!

Happy belated Easter!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,
Jennie and all my honorary bunnies

Heather said...

Hoppy Easter girl! hope it was a good one. Love that little bunny lady!!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Cute pictures Jenn! I'm loving Henry's outfit!!!
It looks like you had good weather. We have had a lot of rain and it's so cold. I'm so sick of being cold!!!
Have a good week.

Ronnie said...

I had fun on your blog tonight. Especially the 60th Anniversary! Great stuff, Jenn!

Christine said...

Happy Belated Easter!! Lucky you getting nice weather..we will finally be in the 80's this weekend(it snowed here yesterday..crazy). Your boys are darling and getting so big! Love those boots your son is wearing:)

jen duncan said...

Wow. You do such great work. I love the vibrant color and the whimsy of it all. I followed someone's link here because they referred to you by your full name, which is the same as mine! I've added you to my "Creative Jens" sidebar category now. :-)
take good care!