noodle and lou

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a little noodle and lou to hang around with

ooooh... you guys are so sweet about my little printed fabric peek I gave you yesterday! Here is what they became. Little noodle and lou fabric badges to hang around the house!

I kept them funky and really deconstructed.. with frayed edges and crazy stitches. Some are straight...some are not...each one has its own little character...none are perfect. Just like us:):)
The printed piece on top has a little polyfil in it, so it's like a little pillow sticking out.
The back has a noodle and lou printed label and I've sewn some gingham ribbon to hang your little badge with. Hang 'em on a cabinet door knob, or tie it on top of a package as a cute gift topper! Each measures around 3 1/2 - 4 inches in width and length...not including the ribbon.

My poor little neglected etsy shop is longing for some new treats.... so, I'm going to go ahead and put these in my shop today at 2:00 p.m. EST (new york time!). There will be 3 styles, for now, to choose from and they will arrive at your doorstep in a little cello bag tied up with fabric scrap ribbons.

Thanks sweet friends! Happy Wednesday to each of you!!!

p.s. thanks to all my smart garden pals for the magnolia info!
ooooh and how could I forget!!
Happy Earth Day sweet little Earth!!!!!!!!!


Diane Duda said...

Very, very, very cute, jenn!

twolefthands said...

Jenn, you are so creative! The little badges are so sweet!

Mary Wadsworth said...

oh so cute Jenn!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! These are so cute and adorable! Love them! Great idea! Have a great Earth Day! LuLu xxx

Susan said...

What a good idea. These are sweet!

Carolee said...

This is just adorable!! I know what you mean about the neglected Etsy shop - Try as I may, I never seem to be able to keep up with mine...I guess that's a good problem to have though. :)

Happy Earth Day!
~ Carolee

lori vliegen said...

too, too CUTE!! isn't is so much fun to take your artwork and do something completely different with it?!! great idea to make these sweet little jenn badges!! :)

bonnesinger said...

Your ideas and creativity never cease to amaze me as an artist.
Love it, bonnie

Flor Larios Art said...

Very pretty bags...especially the one with the little house!
Love them!

Krissysart said...

How fun!! Look at you...branching out! I love what you are doing. I always love to visit your blog and see what new goodies you have in the works. Love those little fabric goodies!
Cheers, my friend...

elma said...

Love them!! I need one for a teacher gift next week.

andrea said...

Those are super~cute:)
At first I thought they were little purses or totes...How nice-
Have a great day!

*myrarte* said...

I love your work have a lot of color and sweetness, beautiful!.
Greetings from Spain

michelle said...

Super darling!

Victorian Lady said...

I love funky and destructed...great job Jenn! :)


P.S. I did a mermaid tea party painting with video if you'd like to check it out! :)

snippetgirl said...

Super cute, Jenn! Love when you come up with clever new items :).
I think we are reading each other's your comment on my post...yesterday afternoon, i started sculpting a sheep (actually 2--one standing and one for the cart) AND a chicky bird with a cone hat!!! I put him in a nest but one riding on the sheep's back would be great too. Isn't that funny??!
Lator gator xoxo~~

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

great idea! these are too cool.

have a good weekend! karen

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hey cutie-pie jenn! adorable fabrics!!! i heard something good today: There are no shortcuts to any place WORTH going! pretty smart, eh? i liked it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!I love printing on fabric.These looks like they were painted directly on:) Perfect mothers day gift~!