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I figured out how to show you some pictures finally! Yahooooo! It's the little things folks. Well, in this case, it's a pretty big thing! I'm so lost without my photos. So, here's a few peeks in to life this past week. Been crazy busy with the start of baseball....look at my cute little #5...

big brother at baseball practice means lots of playground time at the field for Henry!

Good grief he is such a ham. Cracks me up!

We had the chance to visit the boys' class rooms the other night to see what they've been up to. I loved these Spring flowers in the Pre-K class! So sweet!!!

I finished (for now) my little re-finishing job on that school desk! Not the best "after" picture...but I do love how the shabby white turned out! My intention is to paint some little details on it. One day. When I have nothing else to do. Insert laugh track here;)

Also, got my new computer all set up with my 21 inch monitor!! Holy movie screen. This might be completely normal to some of you...but I think my old one was like 14 inches! teeny! All this meant I HAD to move my whole studio around. again. seriously. It's an illness. My name is jenn and I like to move things around. BUT...I love it now! I have more work space than ever. My computer is not jammed up on my work space anymore. So functional. Gotta love it. Not a very good picture...but I was anxious to give you a here you are!

We've had lots of rain which equals time stuck inside to do all this stuff! Cleaning out one room leads to cleaning out ALL rooms (don't forget I had to completely re-do our recently flooded downstairs again too! I'll snap some pictures of that later for ya). I got rid of some stuff in our bedroom, swapped out our bedside tables for these little ones I got from Ikea awhile back...and hung my fave little vintage window above the bed...

Another good rainy day activity involves watching a movie with Wall-E. What were they watching? Wall-E of course!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I'm off to list a few things in my etsy shop
a couple older paintings I came across when cleaning
out the studio...(those will be on sale.)
And this new little 4x4 mini chunky canvas.
"my sweet home"

Now that I have access to my printer again, I'll be working
on some new prints and more of those little mounted prints too!
Still working on getting photos of the Mom's day treats.
They probably won't be ready until the 30th since I'm taking
Wednesday off for a very special birthday. Jake is turning 9!

xoxox to all of you!


Lenae May said...

Love your new pics and this fun new to you idea! Still clearly has the Noodle and Lou!!
I have to update my blog...I'm severely delinquent!

Micki said...

Your studio looks great and the new painting is gorgeous!

Micki x

aliceinparis said...

Your studio is cheerful and cozy! Fun to see your pics. I have never seen Wall-E, my daughter says I'll love it. It is on my list!

Chrissie Grace said...

HI Jenn
I love the new painting, it's gorgeous!
I love to see pictures of your cute home...wish I could come over for coffee and be nosy and look at all the details!:)
Happy Tuesday

snippetgirl said...

Super cute pics!!! I TOTALLY understand the "I like to move things around" statement. HA! I do the same thing...especially in my studio.
Ok, i am off to hop over to your etsy shop to take a peek! I adore that painting.
xoxo Carrie

lori vliegen said...

fun fun stuff, jenn! my goodness, i've spent hours and hours at the baseball field watching my little man (many years ago!)...boy, do i love that game! your studio is so YOU! have fun tomorrow celebrating that sweet little jake's birthday! :)

Beth Quinn said...

hi jen !!! just wanted to pop by and say hello !!! i am busily packing and cleaning out too especially in my studio - but if i wasn't i sure would be rearranging too !! LOL!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

your studio is inspiring! love all the decorating you've been doing. your house looks cozy!:)

hope the rain stops soon. have a good week!

Heidi said...

Such a cute home you have! I love your painting above your shabby desk. The window above your bed is so cute too. I notice a lot of white in your house. How on earth do you keep it clean? Wishing you and Jake a very happy day tomorrow!

venus said...

HI Jenn!
I love your bedroom. So light and pretty! Now I want to redecorate my space!


Jennifer DeDonato said...

so many things look wonderful in each picture you took. i love the desk before and after!

lori said...

Hi there Jenn! I love seeing little snippets of your house...what a cozy place you've got there. The desk looks great and that chunky little painting is adorable.

bumblebird said...

My name is Heather and I like to move stuff around, too! :D It makes my husband crazy. Maybe we should start a support group for us compulsive re-arrangers? (or perhaps for our suffering husbands) Your home looks wonderful and the desk came out so sweet! Hope the sunshine makes its way back to you soon...


a fanciful twist said...

Miss Noddddley beauty!! Your boys are gorgeous and handsome! Like their mama ;) I LOVE your new desk, white is wonderful!!!

Your room is a dream boat!!

I love everything you touch, truly! xoxo

andrea said...

Love your new artwork~
I can't wait to have my own studio this summer-I've far outgrown my bedroom corner ;)....
And those lampshades are just adorable!

julie king said...

your art room is adorable! i so want a couch in my art room but my hubbie would say are ya' moving in there to stay or what? hee hee and your new painting is so sweet. love the soft colors and a brand new blonde to add to your family of characters.

Tequitia said...

looks like an exciting week!