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happy mother's day

(a painting from my 2007 collection)

Happy Mother's Day
to all my sweet momma friends out there!
Hope you all enjoy your special day...
you deserve it!

I got this poem as an early
Mother's Day gift from one of my
sweet little guys...

Thank You, Mom

Thank you for reading me stories
and taking care of me.
Thank you for tying my shoes
and putting bandages on my knee.

Thank you for tucking me into bed
and kissing me good night.
Thank you so much for all your hugs
and holding my hand so tight.

Thank you for being my mommy
and that's not all I have to say.
Thank you so much for all you do
and have
a Happy Mother's Day!

Isn't that the cutest!? xoxox...jenn


aliceinparis said...

Awwwww, such a cute painting!
Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!!!!

nollyposh said...

~Adorable~ just like your painting X:-)

snippetgirl said...

Sooooooo sweet! Was that a self portrait???
Enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day with your special boys :)!!!

lori vliegen said...

such sweet little artwork....and, a sweet little poem for sweet little you!! have a fabulous mother's day, jenn!! :)

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Happy mothers day Jenn!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Happy Mothers Day to you also! What adorable artwork of your two little chicks.

andrea creates said...

So sweet:)
Happy Mother's Day to you too~

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

The painting is great, but that poem totally rocks! Yay! That is awesome!
Happy Mother's Day to you! ~Karen

julie king said...

you have the sweetest little guys, jenn!! hope they showered you with all the love you so deserve! happy mother's day!

Martha Lever said...

Oh how precious!!! Happy Mother's Day Jenn!

tangled sky studio said...

so sweet! i hope you had a lovely day...


Linda Crispell said...

I am tempted to take one of your paintings with me to the hair salon and tell them to give me this haircut!
congratulations on 300 posts, amazing!

Beth Quinn said...

hi sweet jenn ! hope you had a wonderful mothers day my friend !!
i can't believe you have 300 posts - wow girl !! also i saw you over on malins blog in sweden too !!

Lynda said...

Cute poem :) Definite yay for homemade gifts! I think those mean way more than anything store bought. Don't get me wrong though, store bought is more convenient sometimes, lol. Anyway, you're welcome for the visit. Thanks for the comment. Let's both have a good week :)

annax said...

Oh how very sweet! There is nothing like home made gifts!

henzy said...

oh very nice. I like your work and not just this one but mostly all of them. You have a great style