noodle and lou

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here's to a happy weekend...

The sun is shining,
I had some little pretties to pick from the yard,
and we're off to the baseball field soon...

here's to a happy weekend!
what are all you sweet people up to?

thanks to all of you that stopped by the shop yesterday and adopted noodle and lou treats. oooooh how I appreciate you!!! REALLY! A few lulettes are still left to peek at:)

looks like my little gals were picking flowers in the yard too:)

Happy, Happy to you all!



Gifts of Creation said...

cute stuff!!! I love your dolls.

michelle said...

I am jealous of your sunshine. It is rainy and drizzly here. So much for our soccer game this morning. Maybe we will get a babysitter and go to lunch. Have lots of fun!

Garden Painter Art said...

Sounds like you're ready for a lovely weekend of sunshine.

Your art always makes me smile.

If you have a chance, stop by my blog this weekend. I'm having a giveaway. It's for one of my "story" art prints.

Garden Painter Art

lori vliegen said...

a day of flowers, baseball and sweet lulettes....does it really get any better than that?!! happy weekend to happy little you!! :)

a fanciful twist said...

Happy Weekend!! Happy Flower power! Happy Birthday to a gorgeous boy (your baby) and Happy lulettes!! xoxo

Heidi said...

Today was put sealer on the brand new $10,000 driveway day. Also my son had his first communion. I was so proud that the Nun asked him to do the first reading. She asked Ben to bow at the alter but instead he turned to the congregation and bowed. I of course got a case of the giggles!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I'm a wee bit tired tonight after a full day of teaching. So I thought I would stop by for a bit of an up lift by gazing at your OH SO lovely work. Such talent you have !!! Hugs Julie

andrea said...

Oh the one with the heart is way too cute:)

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hey Jenn - You have to keep trying! I don't have the skele key on my blog!!! - go back to the EHAG art blog and keep trying - it's so worth it.

- your blog is adorable by the way - you probably hear that all of the time.

- B

Jennie said...

I love my little BonJour lady. She's even more dear in person. And thank you so much, truly, for the fabric art piece! What a wonderful surprise - you didn't need to include it but what a treat that you did! It's going with me to work tomorrow and will be hanging off my computer to make me smile. (I don't dare take my little Bonjour lady to work! I don't want anyone's swine flu hands near her! ha ha ha)

You are so creative and I'm so honored to own several of your pieces.

Thank you so much dear Jenn!

Jennie and the pooches

KathrynAntyr said...

Your lulettes are precious. I posted my sweet lulette in a collage about me. You'll see her this summer in my first ever cut paper animation.

Thanks again for sharing your gifts. I love my lulette couple.

{soul hugs}

Christine said...

Theses ladies are wonderful Jenn! I love their great gatsby-ish:)
Those pics of Jake are darling..the cliche about them growing up fast really does hold true...I'm trying to remember that each time Andres asks for a day he's not going to be doing that anymore so I should cherish it now:)
Have a happy Mothers Day!