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just a little heart to tell you just how much I appreciate you all! Thanks for being my loyal and dear friends. even when I'm spinning in so many different directions, I know that you are always here to cheer me on. I've postponed the lulette update for a few more days...probably to Tuesday night. My husband has been gone all week and I've been running in 3,000 different directions with the boys. But after a baseball game in the morning, I MIGHT have a bit of me time comin':) Now tell me all about what you are doing this weekend! yes, you...go on! I'll share more of what's been going on in the noodle and lou house soon! Right now I'm headed for my pillow:) zzzzzzzzzz
Have a lovely weekend all you sweet peas!!


Soggy Dog said...

I don't know how you do it Jenn! You always have the energy and creative mind to make beautiful work and be a superhero mom and wife. My family is going to Disney's wide world of sports. My 11 year old Dylan had a soccer tournament there. They are defending champs! Then we are surprising the kids by staying the weekend in one of the resorts... Even though we only live 20 minutes away. I hope the rain is over, not sure if your Dad told you, but Florida is almost underwater with all the rain we've had.
Hope you have a great weekend with your family!!! ;) kim

FishStikks said...

I've made a humongous goal for myself to get 25 of my chubby houses painted and finished this weekend.
I may just go stark raving mad by the time I finish. I may just have to throw in a BBQ sometime in all that as well.

Can't wait for your update and have some great 'me' time!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi spinning sister, I can relate! Life is a carnival ride, twists and turns, fast then slow... just sit back and enjoy the ride:) Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit Jenn, your gracious spirit shines through your words and wonderful art!
We are headed down to Ohio this weekend, so excited to see friends and family. I hope you have a fun weekend.


Susan said...

We always have a local week long art and music festival at this time of year to enjoy and my hubby bought me a Makins clay extruder, so I'll be playing with that. Enjoy all these busy days, in a blink of an eye, they will be gone. The kids will be grown and you will be in your studio all the time. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Susan

Deb said...

hi jenn ! just thought i would stop by and say hello ! i am crazy busy too ! i am actually sitting here doing a garage sale and it is raining - it never rains in arizona - LOL!
anyways have a wonderful weekend !

Beth Quinn said...

oops that above comment is from me beth quinn- my mom was signed in on my computer - LOL!!

andrea creates said...

Hi there-
Oh I totally understand:)I always feel pulled in 12 directions.This weeend we're pacing and fixing up our place to rent.
So busy-and I have to drag our little dog with us around too!
Tae care~

lori vliegen said...

you handle all of life's craziness SO well!! i'm always amazed at how much you get done! i remember the chaos when my kids were still at home...and to be honest, i think i was more organized back then! you're doing the important stuff, and that's what counts...have a fun weekend with your sweet family! :)

Venus said...

after all the running around in your busy hectic life, and you're still sweet as pie...

We're doing housecleaning and redecorating our guest/workroom for the arrival of my parents next week. Busy-busy-busy.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

snippetgirl said...

Hey Jenn!
I hope you do find some "me" time! I don't know how you do it all either. I don't even have human children and i still can't keep up!!
I did some cat trapping last night for the monthly spay/neuter clinic. It was a 3 hour wild goose chase but we managed to get 4 cats. I got 2 new foster kittens this ridiculously cute!! We are going out to dinner and a movie with friends tonight. I am hoping to spend the rest of the weekend beautifying our backyard. So, that's it for me!
Have a LOVELY weekend!!
Kindest wishes always xoxo,

Silke said...

It's raining here most of the weekend, so we are staying in to read and make art. I love it!! Hope you'll find some 'me' time soon!! :) Silke

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Have a great weekend! Hope it is filled with laughter, good times, and rest!

Flor Larios Art said...

Love your new heart painting and the Queen too!
Have a great weekend!
Love coming to your blog to see your new creations!

michelle said...

It is all about sprinkler systems here this weekend! Hubby is killing himself trying to get our yard ready for grass and I am supporting him 100%-I do not want a summer of dirt! We have already thrown in a BBQ and will probably do more. Have a great weekend!

Victorian Lady said...

I sent Awesome Guy to go see his brother and sister, and our new little nephew too! So the house belongs to my two little redhead beauties and I. All of Lil's clothes are downstairs as she tries on each piece and watches movies...she's growing SO fast...there are lots of pieces to pack away for Miss Maddie. I have all kinds of WIPs all along my kitchen counters...something I couldn't do if Awesome Guy was here. :) My biggest accomplishment is finishing a Dorothy Story doll that I've been struggling with for two weeks! I heart her now though! :) Also going to try an upholster our family chair before he gets back. Hope you get your me time in! :)


P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet response to my email! I do enjoy the kids so much and they were blown away when they heard Dani on the phone! I showed them your Halloween girl on Spookytime, your Valentine houses, and a painting of a couple...the girl has light brown hair and is holding a bouquet. One girl jumped out of her chair at the houses and there was a gasp in unison over the painting! I'll blog about it soon! :)

Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

Jenn... I feel the SAME way! Summer is awesome, yet overwhelming with kids, yk? I realize I need more order and routine as I get older.

This weekend we are meeting my parents and brother and his kids at a park for a cook out. :) Brats and stuff. I'm making my fav dessert (at this current moment): rice krispy treats!

So glad for you Jenn, that the weather is getting more tolerable! It must be so hard to move to Chicago and not be so used to the COLD! :)

Liz :::smooch:::