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the boys...

somewhere...deep down inside...I am itching to be more "productive". summer has been (so far) one big jumble of appointments and classes and games and lessons. it hasn't left much time for me to sit and FOCUS and work and paint! wednesday is bringing some relief though. it's the last game for little league! yahoooo! and don't get me wrong...these boys are the cutest things and I've loved watching them play and practice...but I'm so happy the busy schedule is over. shhhh. don't tell;) I'm proud of Jake and his team and Chris for helping to coach. Go Cubs!!

I'll be leaving to visit my parents pretty soon and I have a MILE long list of things to do before I leave. Orders and projects and deadlines. I hope something clicks and I get my head back in the game here! I have been very slow with your orders and shipping your purchases and answering your emails. THANK YOU for being so sweet and patient with me.
Now, while I've been lacking in the 'art production' boys have been VERY busy creating. I wanted to share a couple of Jake's wonderful drawings...

and Henry's delightful chalk creations (seen below).
When these boys aren't fist fighting each other...they are quite the little artists and can be so delightfully creative! Is there anything better than a child's art?!

I have a day filled with dermatologist and dentist appts. yuck-ville. wish me luck!!



aliceinparis said...

Hello!!! I've been busy too and not had a chance to visit. Don't you just love mini baseball players:)
Your sons have definitely inherited your talents. Such sweet art.
Keep that tambourine in the air!

elsiee said...

look at your artist genes flourishing before your very eyes! how exciting! I hear you about being in the little league phase of life - if there isn't a patron saint of little league moms there should be - oh the patience it requires - I was often torn between being alternately enchanted and brain dead... (I know me bad mom, BAD!!)

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

oh my! you are a busy bee! i always envy how much you do get done. and all of it is amazing!

good luck today!

henry did a great job writing his name. i like his robots! they rock!

Manola said...

Oh Jake and Henry you are absolutely my favorite artists!! ^____^

lori said...

Eeeeep!!! I LOVE that frog. And the clowny-chalk-men are too adorable. Are those propeller beanies atop their heads?!?...absolutely perfect.

julie king said...

maybe things will slow down a bit for you now that june is almost over!!!! loving the cute art by the little guys!!!