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clarinets and doodles

As a young girl, I played the flute. I don't regret many things in my life...even the crummy decisions (and yes, I've made plenty. Tons even.)...but I do regret quitting the flute my junior year. I went to 3 high schools and played the flute in 2 of them. I couldn't bare to start another new band. So I quit. And now 20 something (ahem) years later my son is starting band. And I am SO excited for him. I love music and to play an instrument is truly a gift. He picked the clarinet and just started summer band lessons Monday.

Jake L O V E S it! He comes out of the little class beaming. Henry and I sit in the hallway waiting for him and Henry talks about when he is "big", he wants to play the clarinet too:) I passed some of the time doodling and thought I'd share my silly sketches with you:)

If only I could bring my paint and canvases with me! Then, maybe, I could get some "noodle and lou" work done;) I'll tell ya what. Even though summer is here, we are still as busy as can be! Even busier than before, honestly! Oh brother. One day I will catch up on blogging and painting and orders and emails! **wink** I have been getting a FEW "noodle and lou" things accomplished though. The SpookyTime Jingles update is coming up on the 13th! Here's a sneak peek at the tall painting on wood:)

and there will be a few more treats for you as well! See you guys soon! Take a little time to enjoy some music today. Henry's one step ahead of ya:)



sUz said...

I'm with you on regrets - I played the piano for a few years and REALLY wish I had stuck with it. I hope eLijAh inherits my LOVE of music.

Your sketches are too much FUN! Just adorable. I love it when you post them :)

Love heNry's drumset.

Can't wait to see your STJ treats!


lori vliegen said...

your photo reminds me of my daughter....who played the clarinet when she was young (and then "upgraded" to the electric bass for a short time!). we still have her clarinet...i think it's an antique by now! it looks like your summer has started off happy.....have fun!! :)

Heidi said...

I too quit my jr year band. No regrets tho. Cute picture of Henry with the drums. I'm trying to talk my 10 year old into the drums. The drummers in our band always looked liked they had such a good time!

elma said...

Love the doodles. Can't wait to see the second one done:) Have a great day:)Are those your pictures behind the couch??Love the little drummer:)

Janel said...

O Jenn, I played the flute too, my sister the clarinet. My dad played flute and piccalo. Alas, my sister and I gave up eventually, or my dad got tired of taking us every week, not sure...but I have always wished I had kept it up, or at least moved on to a guitar. Rocker chicks are so cool!

I love the new paintings-the adventurous gal is me to the "T"!
She really should live with me!

Hope your summer is off to a grand start and full of fun in the sun!


Jody said...

Love your post, Jenn! Good for Jake!!! Henry and Lucy took up guitar and piano this year...and little Charlie can't wait to start. He always waits so patiently through lessons, too! Henry will be in 4th grade, too and gets to start band next year...he's still deciding what to play, maybe sax! I do regret not staying with piano...and I still long to learn guitar!
Love your sketches...and yes, summer is so much busier than I thought it'd be!Wow!!!

andrea creates said...

My daughter took clarinet this yearr-alas it's time to return it this week:)

snippetgirl said...

So, you have musical talent too???!!! Amazing. I can't imagine you making many crummy decisions, but we are all human, right?! I have certainly made a bunch too. Live and learn! I think maybe you should revisit that flute passion :).
The doodles are adorable. I hope you can make them come to life in 3-d form soon!
Happy busy summer!!

julie king said...

the sketch of the girl with the cat is so sweet. i hope to see it as a painting one day soon. i so enjoy reading about your boys and their interests. it takes me back to when my two were young!!

Brandi McKenna said...

Your skecthes are every bit as captivating as yur paintings! I love seeing them!

bumblebird said...

love your little sketches!

as for musical instruments, i should have continued with the piano. although recently i've fallen in love with the idea of the dulcimer after seeing cyndi lauper perform can even get one with hearts carved into the top!

have a wonderful weekend!

michelle said...

I know exactly what you mean! It seems even harder than usual to get anything done because the munchkins are here alll the time! Brittany is starting violin this summer, I am sort of nervous. It seems like once you get on the music lesson train it is pretty hard to get off. Have a great day!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

yay jake! and henry too for the drums! now you need a "real" drum set. they are fun. it is wonderful to hear the jam sessions...and don't forget to tape them playing. ;)
have a great weekend!

Art by Sascalia said...

I have awarded you a most wonderful favorite award over at my blog!!!

aliceinparis said...

My daughter used to play the flute. She played from grade 6 to grade 11 in the band. Loved it. Sadly has not touched it in the last two years:((