noodle and lou

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for me!?

i can hardly believe it...but YES...this wee village is all for me! my dear customer/friend Allison MADE these wooden houses for me! She MADE them from wood! could you die??? and as if they weren't darling enough...she spelled out noodle and lou on them!!! swoon-tastic. i'm still in awe. i completely, absolutely, forever adore them. thank you dear Allison!!!!

i know, i know! you are drooling aren't you!? isn't she so talented and lovely!!?

i snapped a picture of this super cute wooden piece that i "stole" from my Mom's house:) it was a clock and the clock part needed to be fixed...i ripped the clock out and stuck a vintage button on his nose. i love him!!! and do you see the house on it!? me love houses:)

thank you to everyone that has been emailing me and sending me such sweet messages. i seriously am trying to get back to all you sweet people. i just have been really wiped out. i truly am feeling better and trying to get back to some sort of "normalcy"....which just makes me giggle, because i am anything but normal ever! ha! i'm almost finished with some SpookyTime Jingles pieces which will be available for the August 13 update. i also have those mermaids and friends almost ready for ya'll. so barring any dramatic health crud (knock on wood!) week will be update time:) i also have prepared a new segment on the noodle and lou blog!!

"show us your noodle and lou"

a chance for YOU to share where your noodle and lou pieces live in your home! i will be sharing the homes of noodle and lou collectors! i think it is so fun to see where my little pieces travel and how you incorporate them into your sweet homes. we'll be heading to a darling home in Colorado stay tuned! and if you would like to "show us your noodle and lou"...please email me at fourtwentynine [at] hotmail [dot] com. woohooo!

happy weekend everyone!



snippetgirl said...

SOOO cute!!! LOVE that little village! What a wonderful treat!
And i adore the "refurbished" clock you swiped :). Fun and quirky!
Can't wait for your updates!!

Elma said...

I love the little village:) I can't wait to see peoples noodle and lou treasures in thier homes. I hope you feel better soon!! Can;t wait for the update!!!

Carmen said...

How adorable. What a sweet gift.

Micki said...

Wow!! That is one amazing gift!
Lucky you ;)

Micki x

andrea creates said...

Ooh, i can't wait for the 'show us your noodle and lou' show and tell.I just finally framed my print, now this will motivate me on deciding where to hang it :)
I'm so bad at things like that.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Well how lucky can you get...those little houses are so cute. I love your art. Gonna go check out your Etsy...Hugs, Diane

Heather said...

Oooooooooooooooooooh....this is so flippin' CUTE! And it looks so *you*! I am look at this mess!
Hope you're feeling better! ugh, those can really take it out of you...get well soon!~

michelle said...

Love the villiage! See how lovable you are?

scrapcraft said...

Love your little village. How cute. Can't wait for another shop update!

lori vliegen said...

so glad you're feeling better....of course, receiving that sweet, petite village in the mail would make any gal feel great!! it's too cute!! :)