noodle and lou

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kiss and drop off zone

sorta says it all! i had to kiss and drop off both kiddos this week. my big guy started 4th grade on wednesday and my baby went to KINDERGARTEN on friday. they both did absolutely fabulously. they both looked so handsome. they both had great 1st days. the start of a great new school year!

it was a very busy week for us...not only did school start...but my beautiful cousin Chelsea was visiting from Florida! it was so fun to have her here with us for a few days. she is the cutest sweet...and the boys just loved her to death! she's in grad school and had a big 2 week summer break. so happy we got to see her!

back in the studio today! i have tons to catch up on (man...don't i always!?) so i'll try and stay away from this computer for 1 more day:) i'm so excited about opening a 2nd etsy shop for my vintage treats! i'll show you some things soon!!! happy sunday friends:)


Beth Quinn said...

ohhh jenn you and your boys are adorable !!! can't wait to see all your vintage treats too in your new shop ... happy creating and happy weekend ... I am off to take the boys to a movie today and get some quality mommy time now that they are in school all day i miss them !

michelle said...

Love the sign! We need one at our new school. A little nervous about tomorrow, hope the kids like their teachers and make friends fast. Funny isn't it, I am dying for them to get outta here and stop fighting but I know by lunch time I will miss them. First day of kindergarten, man! They gotta stop growing up so fast!

Pamela said...

Such cute sign. I want one!

Flor Larios Art said...

Love the sign! you have a very nice family :)

andrea creates said...

Oh man, I am going to need that sign this week and am not looking forward to it :(
Can't wait to see your new shop:)

Artfulife said...

What a great ending to a wonderful summer break, and a great start to a new school year :)

Micki said...

We've still got a week and a half till the kids go back to school, but my boy will be starting his first year of high school (Where did all that time go?)and my daughter will be in her first junior year!! it's going to be so quiet in the house without them :(

Micki x

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Your little noodle and lou are super starts on Monday here yay!

Christine said...

Good looks run in the family it seems:) Glad that the boys are adjusting to school and that you are now back to a routine (as musch as you can have one with a family!)
Have a creative and productive week:)

priti.lisa said...

your boys get sweeter everyday!
I am glad our summer isn't over yet...cyber-school is great after elementary. None of that ickiness and drama of high school.
xox, Lisa

PS your vintage store is such a good idea...shme to think of these treasures in a dump, isn't it? Especially when some peeps are searching...Kudos Kiddo :)

The Vintage Sister said...

Hi Jenn! The boys look adorable in their back to school duds. I'm glad to see they are feeling better. Enjoy your mom time:)

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Your boys are adorable! I hope you can get double the work done now that school is back in!!

lori vliegen said...

enjoy the quiet of your studio....that sweet mr. noodle and cutie-pie little lou will have lots of fun stories to tell once they get home from school! hugs, :))

aliceinparis said...

School days, beautiful school days. Now you have some mommy time:))
Adorable sons:)

bumblebird said...

hi jenn!
cousins are the best! I can't believe they are back to school already...where did the summer go? And they are such handsome little men :D
i love your backyard fire pit...looks like a great way to spend the last warm evenings of summer!

have fun in the studio. can't wait to see what you are cookin' up in there!


Chelsea said...

aw, I made the blog! How fun- I'm so honored! I miss you guys so much, and love you more!