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science is cool

we spent saturday at Argonne Lab's Open House. my husband chris works there and was posted at the "ask a high energy physicist a question" booth. (still makes me giggle!)

he expected to not get very many questions...but they added a "and win a prize" he was swamped! Non stop line of people asking (mostly) pretty good questions! exhausting...but pretty exciting since "non-science" folks usually steer away from talking to chris about what he does;)

besides the absolute SWARMS of people, it was pretty cool. we saw some way cool science stuff throughout the lab. including chris' office (which was so clean it makes me ill;)). that's Henry sitting at his desk in that 1st photo. security is so tight there that i've never even been in the lab it really was fun to see. amazing that there are people that understand stuff like this:

and this:

i liked this 'reactors built by Argonne Nat'l Lab' family tree.

thanks for showing us around chris. science is cool:)

i'll leave you with this little ACEO i made chris back on his 35th b-day. he had it on his bulletin board:) Einstein says 'Have a great Monday!!!'



Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

high energy physicist? what? does he drink a lot of red bull?

:) i kid...i kid! looks like good fun for the family and a great way for you kids to see what daddy does!

The Vintage Sister said...

Fun post Jenn! My kids would have loved all of the geeky science stuff:) Your boys, (and hubby) are adorable!

Heather said...

Ah! I love it! What a cool dad :D

lori vliegen said...

jenn, you have the sweetest little family!! how fun for the boys to see how cool science is....and how cool their hero-dad is.... :))

jody said...

Wow! Your husband sounds SMART. I remember driving around there back when we lived in the area and wondering what that place was. Looks like great family fun---and you have such an adorable family, Jenn!

michelle said...

Man your kids have an equal shot at right and left brainedness! They will probably be perfectly balanced!

Elma said...

What a fun time for the kids!! I still don't understand what your smart husband does but I am sure he is good at it:)