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a couple of projects...

when life gets a little kooky (or a whole lot kooky) i tend to start looking for projects. which is very odd, because good grief i have 1 zillion other things i NEED to be doing. i think it is just my way of escaping. a change in my surroundings equals an escape from the kookiness. and even though it sort of adds to the's all good:) make any sense? probably not;) i'll just get to my little projects i worked on this week! but i will warn you...these are just the 'before' pictures...i will "dazzle" (haha) you with the 'after' pictures tomorrow:) i found this trunk at a yard sale and it was SO filthy and had the MOST disgusting and dirty yellow carpet stuck all over the top of it. can not believe i didn't get a picture of the top before we ripped it off and pitched it. just imagine filthy shag carpet from the 70's. i know. gross.

this was after getting a layer or 2 of dirt off! i had to keep scrubbing and scrubbing. thank goodness for Magic Erasers!!!

my next project was this darling little rocker that was my grandparent's. i know many people freak out to paint such beautiful wood...but i just couldn't stand it like this. i like stuff painted. and for a long time i left it as is, because that's the way they had it...but i thought it was time to have it be the way i wanted it. i'm sure they would want me to enjoy it that way:)

of course henry had to get in on the action and was quite a help:) (his hair should be my 3rd project of the week! major need of a little hair trim:):) even shaggy he is so cute!)

so stay tuned for the 'after' photos tomorrow:) i love the way each piece turned out and i already feel more grounded after my little projects! thanks for stoppin' by! xox...jenn
p.s hi mom! thinking of you everyday and praying that you feel better soon! love you:)


Elma said...

Love the trunk!!!! I can't wait to see it done. The detail is beautiful:) Henry is such a cutie:) I will be checking tomorrow for the after pictures:) Have a wonderful day.

Heidi said...

Don't feel too bad about painting that rocker. I sold antiques for several years and rocking chairs hardly ever brought more than $75. I don't know why that is because some were very cool. I know what you mean about having to get rid of ugly carpet. I went to Goodwill and bought a miniature box with dried beans, ugly 70s carpet and little plastic vignettes in it. It was nasty but after a good cleaning and a paint job it looks fabulous.

Happy Find said...

Oh my! I'm the same way! I totally know where you're getting at!

Chrissie Grace said...

i can't wait to see what they look like when you're done!!

Georgina said...

Oh how I remember that green shag rug...really ugly!!! It was either green or "golden autumn," which translates to dirty yellow with bits of brown thrown into the threads...glad times have changed, but that chest has lots of potential!!!

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

That trunk is awesome and will be every bit worth whatever you do to it..killer find! Paint that rocker! I love painted furniture, too!

Gerushia's New World said...


How exciting. I'll definately be waiting to see the finished projects.

I haven't "renovated" an old piece in quite some time. Makes me want to start sanding and painting!

Gerushia's New World
(Formerly Garden Painter Art

Janel said...

How fun! I do the very same thing-find other things to do, instead of meeting that dealine! Oye, the pain!

Mr. Henry is a dreamboat!

Can't wait to see the final results!!! On a majority of the furniture at 5 Green Boxes, they put a colored crackle on top. For instance, my pink dresser is painted pea green, then black, then hot pink crackle. After it is dry/cured, it is then distressed all over, allowing you to see each layer. Since you LOVE to LAYER paint, this would be a perfect "project" for you. heh heh

No really, you would like it a lot.

What Halloween goodies do have cooking in the cauldron? I just changed my mantle, and somehow it turned into a "trick or treat" street like theme. I picked some chinese lantern branches while walking Phoebe last night. She got stung by a bee in the head, right above her eye. I ended up carrying her home with an amrful of "borrowed" branches. You should have seen me! hah hah. But the mantle looks great and Pheebs is just fine, though she ws hurting last night, poor baby. :(

Have a wonderful w/e!