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weekend fun...

loads and loads of fun! it started with the Kane County Flea Market. um. LOVED it to death! sadly i only took 1 photo...but it was only because i was in such a panic to take in everything. soooo many fabulous things. i was in heaven. really. my vintage lovin' pal picked out this little horse on wheels. so cute. i'll get better pictures of it and my other treasures this week.

chris has always loved old radios (we have several)...but upon snatching this big beauty up at the flea market and tirelessly cleaning it...he has declared 'fixing up old radios' his new hobby. pretty cool...

pretty impressive before and after shots, huh? still need to replace a knob and a couple other things...but it's well on its way!

more fun was had in our local downtown...grabbing some yummy food and stopping by the fair for the biggest elephant ear ever. i think jake had henry really believing it was an actual elephant ear. but he still gobbled it up of course. delicious with a capital d!!!!

(a rare photo of jake! he hates having his pic. taken. henry, however, could pose for pictures all day!)

today we drove around chicago and admired the sites. such a beautiful city! we walked around wicker park and saw some cool stuff...henry picked out a .49 cent record (artie shaw and the grammercy 5 !?)at a local shop and had to listen to it as soon as we got home:) that kid is so funny.

love that huge ottoman!!!

super cute table that had a decoupaged top under glass.

we headed home and ended the day with some sweet friends, celebrating the birthday of henry's best buddy:) it was a wonderful weekend! hope it was for you all too!! xoxo...jenn


LuLu said...

Bonjour Jenn! What a fun weekend you had! Hey, what you call elephant ears we call here beaver tails, tell your boys about that one! Oh, these darn Canadians!!! My husband used to collect old radios about 10 years ago. But when we moved from Montreal and had to fit all we had in our 8 1/2 room old appartment into our country house, he sold his collection. He had about 70 of them! We did some flea marketing and garage saling too! And found some amazing stuff! I will be back blogging for good starting today! I have missed it! Take care and have a swell week! Hugs, LuLu xxx

snippetgirl said...

Sounds like an absolutely fantastic time!!! Hope you have a great week!

Susan said...

What great pictures. Did Henry's record actually play? Every time I read your blog, I think that you must get the award for the Best Mom Ever! That elephant ear is HUGE. What fun. So glad that you had a great weekend. I'm sure having happy, well adjusted children makes it all worth it. You guys have done a great job. Take care and enjoy the week.

julie king said...

it does look like fun! we did some flea market shopping over the weekend as well.

the little brown journal arrived yesterday and i adore it!!!

scrapcraft said...

Jen, congratulations! I was just reading my Post script Stampington company newsletter and I immediately recognized your artwork under the "Discover the Visual Delights of Artful Blogging" How exciting, your artwork and blog in a magazine! ps If I can ever get a spare moment I will be posting more pictures of our new baby Daniel. Thanks for the nice comments. :)

andrea creates said...

What fun 'vintage shopping'~
I wanted to mention I too, saw you are going to be in the next Artful Blogging- I love that publication-Congrats :)

aliceinparis said...

Good stuff!!!!
We have Elephant Ears here in Canada but we call them Beaver Tails:))

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Wicker Park! Isn't it so fun- did it remind you of Little 5 Points, too?

Love you lots!