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halloweens past...

only 1 more day until trick or treat time! i love to take the kids trick or treating. so cute to see them run up to the door and then the look on their face as they run back down with big grins, showing off their loot. when jake was little, i would make his costumes and dress him up as pumpkins and scarecrows and even an ostrich one year! he was so adorable. then he got a little older and wanted the store bought stuff because it was "cool". ooooh heart break. but i got over it:) i went looking through some old photo albums and reminisced about halloweens past and all the sweet costumes and times we spent together. how and when did my little babies grow up so fast!? i couldn't resist posting some of my faves...

and for giggles here is me (on the left) and my sister back in the day:) remember the good ol' days when you could just wear your dad's shirt and tie and call yourself a hobo? so funny!!

happy halloween eve my dears!!! what are your plans?


pinkglitterfae said...

how adorable! isn't it nice to reminisce, except sometimes it makes you feel like time is going by too quickly, lol!
I remember the days too when you would throw something simple on, and go trick or treating...those cheap face mask were pretty much standard back then, and you haven't lived until you've worn one of those awful things on your face, haha!
Happy Halloween!

Janel said...

Happy Halloween Jenn!

Well, let's see. I had plans to take my nephews on a haunted hayride. But since our hayride was on a farm that has received more that 3 feet of snow in the last 24 hrs, there isn't much to ride thru anymore. :( Now I have to come up with plan B.

As long as there is candy, all will be well!

Have fun this w/e!

MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Jen! Love the pictures of your Halloween en famille through the years. My son Ulysse is 13 years-old and it might be his last "kid" Halloween. He will be Waldo, remember Where's Waldo books? But the desire to dress up is slowly fading away, ya know, teenagers? I hope you have tons of fun tomorrow and nice weather to go out! Ulysse is going out with his friends so I will not be following him (snif! snif!). But we will have an horror movie night later on and will stuff our face with candies of all sorts! Happy Halloween! Hugs, LuLu xxx

Kim Hambric said...

Great costumes! Very creative.

Even though I make quilts and such, I do NOT make Halloween costumes. I did make my daughter a Lion King broadway dancer costume for around the house, she refuses to wear it out where it will get dirty. She wanted me to whip up something else. I laughed loudly and we went to Target to pick out a costume.

Each year she wants to be something pretty. No witch costumes for her. As for myself, I remember dressing as a hobo each year after I was six or seven. And I carried an old pillowcase for candy.

Can't wait to see all of the kiddies dressed up and crunching through the leaves tomorrow night.

laterg8r said...

love the look through costumes past - adorable :D

Gerushia's New World said...


I just adore looking at wee little ones all dressed up for a spooky Halloween night. It truly does bring back some fabulous memories. I especially love the photo of your little ones in the pumpkin patch!

We'll be carving pumpkins tonight.

Gerushia's New World

Mary Wadsworth said...

So sweet! Hope you guy's have a very Happy Halloween:)

Candy corn wishes,

lori vliegen said...

what great costume memories you have! and i love your hobo costume (i was a hobo, too....for several years in a row!)
happy halloweening this weekend! :))

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Wonderful pictures, Jenn. Our babies do grow up too fast!! I'm laughing about the hobo - been there done that. Hope you and yours have a fabulously fun Halloween! Hugs, Lisa

Sophia said...

How incredibly adorable!! Awwww!

Happy Halloween. Hope you have a splendid weekend. :)

Susan said...

You and your sister are just too cute. Hobo! I love it. Susan

Sophia said... should have seen me at the Borders store last night when I flipped open the Arful Bloggers magazine and see your highlight! :D I was like...."Hey....I know her! OMG! I follow her blog and I think she follows mine! OMG! How cool!" I read your story out loud there for everyone to hear! Seriously! :) hee hee