noodle and lou

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old toys = happy jenn

a few lovely old toys from the shop that make me oh so happy...

still playing a bit of catch up...but aren't i always? wink wink! thank you for all the LOVE regarding my wooden lulettes! you guys are SO supportive and truly wonderful to me. thank you ALL!

so, vintage toys are making me happy today...what's making YOU happy today!?



Kim Hambric said...

What wonderful toys. I'm crazy about that little globe. And for some surprising reason, I am coveting that car bingo. I'll have to check out that shop.

Yesterday, I received some large, carved mother of pearl buttons I ordered from Etsy. They are making me happy this morning. Of course, they will end up on a little quilt and will go out of my life.

MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Jen! I told you you would do great on STJ with your new creations! All these toys are so wonderful, just love designs on old packages... What is making me happy at this moment is I am having a fun Fall Giveaway on my blog and more than 30 participants have already entered it in a day or so! EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! Come over when you have a minute and ad your Autumn word to it! Hugs, LuLu

Georgina said...

Love looking at the old nostalgic!!! Today, I'm shipping some of my work out...some I sold and others just because I like them and want to help them briefly forget about their problems.

RED SHOES said...

super cute Noodles! ;)
your photography skills are getting fantastic!!
love the 'staging'
adorable as always!
hope STJ was super successful for you!

Spacejams Vintage said...

they are wonderful!1 i love old toys

Kim Hambric said...

Couldn't resist that car bingo after all. Will play when I take my next trip. I'm determined to find a Rambler station wagon.

Tracy M. said...

I had tinker toys when I was little, I LOVED them! Wow I'm getting old.
Tracy M.

priti.lisa said...

Jenn, I could swear those puppets were from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The King and that Lady Everling.
Then, in your store, I saw the Lady, looking like a man and thought...That is her, them. She was a very manly Lady!
I'm prolly 20 years older than you, so maybe it's before your time...but I did watch Mr. Rogers with my kids.
I just know that is who they are!
Anyone want to agree with me?
Either way, a great find!
xox, Lisa