noodle and lou

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poor charming young man.

TOTALLY forgot to list him tonight.

i'll keep him for now...he'll eat sweet potato casserole on thanksgiving with us and then i'll add him to the shop at the next update....this weekend!

so sorry you guys!!! if anyone finds my sweet little brain, please mail to the suburbs of chicago:) thank you so much for peeking in on the shop tonight...i'm thrilled to send my little christmas treats to your sweet houses!! just adore you all...for your awesome support, your kind comments and for just being YOU. thanks.

see you tomorrow for the big giveaway drawing!!



Sonia ;) said...

Its the holidays ...I think everyone has misplaced the brain...Ha Ha Happy Turkey Day

andrea creates said...

Aw, poor guy-lol
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So funny Jenn I kept checking the sol items to see if he sold:) I can't wait to get my goodies!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!! ELma

jen said...

dang it.. I missed it! are you going to be making any more little houses?

Susan said...

Hope you didn't bake that brain in the pumpkin pie. Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo Susan

Jo said...

Awwww....he does look pretty dapper! Adorable!!