noodle and lou

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shop update

i have some peeks for you noodle-ettes! first of all, let me give you a disclaimer about my troll of a scanner. it is doing terrible things with my, if you are looking at the paintings saying..."hmmm...colors seem weird." it's the troll scanner. it used to love me. i think it has moved on. i'm freaking out a little bit. i SO can not buy a new scanner right now. crossing my fingers it will love me again. soon. enough about scanners that live under bridges and charge tolls.

here are the new treats heading to my etsy shop TOMORROW night...

november 6, 2009
4:00 pm (EST new york time!)

i have even more of the vintage bowling pin gals!

little chunky canvases! i will be making these into mounted prints and regular prints as well! oooh bad, bad scanner. they look WAY better than this. i'll photograph them in the morning!

good friends is ready for the shop! (look at THIS crazy scan!?)

new mounted prints! some winter ones with lots of mica too!

hope you are all having a lovely week! the boys have been sick with a nasty cold...but on the mend. it's been a looooong week;) still catching up on emails. if you have not heard from me and NEED to...please email me again:) love to you all. see you tomorrow at the shop. time to start stocking up for Christmas! ahhhhh! xoxo...jenn


snippetgirl said...

Oh, Jenn, I love them ALL!!!!! Yikes! I will be on my way to the vet during your update, and I am sure everything you have will fly out of your shop quickly...but i am going to check in when I get home and hope i can snag a treasure :).
Your work makes me so happy and that is priceless.

Kylie said...

They are just divine! Love love love them :) K

Sonia ;) said...

They are delightful

Christine said...

Those pin girls are so cool! And your paintings are beautiful too.Hope all is well with you :)

p.s...I just saw that you are in AB (the pics are on Stamington's site! I'll have to see if my local book store has it this weekend~Congrats!!)

Sophia said...

I think they are just divine....even if your troll scanner is not being so nice! Can't wait to see them in your shop! :)

melissadc76 said...

Everything looks so lovely, I need to buy something for my mom for Christmas. I think she's getting Noodle & Lou...

Micki said...

I love the bowling pin girls, they are fabulous!!

Micki x

Mary Wadsworth said...

Super cute Jenn!
Hope the boys are all better:)
Sending hugs and chicken soup wishes,

lulusparkles said...

so fun!
i would love a bowling pin gal...may have to be leave the kiddo waiting for me outside of school so i can get one. bad mommy that i am

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Your pins are cute as always. I like the new Christmas artwork. I might need to get the little tree one for display.

andrea creates said...

Love the noodle-ettes- and the chunky paintings- I love it allactually :)
I just read your wonderful article in Artful Blogging- one of my favorite publications!
Take care~

Jo said...


caren said...

Jenn ~ I just read the article on you in "Artful Blogging". It was wonderful and congratulations to you.

In the article, there is a picture of a lady with a hat on and the front of it reads Printemps. Is she still available (didn't see her in your etsy shop). You can e-mail me at

Thank you and again congrats!

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Beautiful just beautiful!!! My favorite...the bowling pin girlies!!! To be so young and so talented!
Mama Holli