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i don't mean to alarm you...

but, uh, this guy is showing up in like 10 days.

help. every year i say "next year i'm going to be more prepared". giggle!!!!! never happens. never. i haven't even taken the kids picture for the Christmas cards yet!!! feeling better about yourself right about now!? more giggles! oh whatever....normally i'd be in freak out mode....but this year, i'm just trying to enjoy the crazy ride:) i took it easy on the decorating this year. we got the tree up, but i didn't go nuts with all the other stuff this year. that took a lot of pressure of me! i went shopping last week for the things i have to ship off. somehow that will be happening this week? kids' last day of school is friday, so have to have the teachers' gifts ready. somehow those Christmas cards need to get done. ahem. i have my work cut out for me;) good thing i relaxed a bit over the weekend.

i did get a bunch of orders done...yes, those were the last of my snowmen. i MIGHT have 1 or 2 left. i'll let you know:)

updated on the 13th!
my santa brigade are off to all their
new happy homes:)

and i've been working on new projects!!

oh, don't you worry...i relax too! we had some friends over for dinner the other husband and i did some shopping and had lunch one afternoon while the kids were in school. gotta squeeze in some fun!

what kind of holiday fun have you guys been up to!?

are you ready for santa!!?



Kim Hambric said...

I think Santa sneaks in the house in the middle of the night because nobody is ever prepared for him. Imagine if the rang the doorbell. So many would pretend they weren't at home and hope he would come back a little later so they could bake and vacuum.

Got my cards done. If I had to wait until a perfect family photo was taken, it would never happen. I find it best to get a lot of school photos and tuck them in a card.

Better go and make my baking list today. I've kind of put that off a little too long.

Try not to get too stressed and enjoy the holiday.

andrea creates said...

Oh, I'm still knitting and sewing presents and haven't even found my cards yet!
The kids won't sit with Santa this year,tho' I might be able to get my youngest in there by herself.
Good to know I'm not alone with the backlog, I don't feel so alone ;)
Have a great week :)

snippetgirl said...

I definitely think you have the right attitude!! We have to try to enjoy and savor this fun, magical time while it lasts! I peeked at your adorable Santas on STJ on Sunday...just precious!!
I have been working on some special orders and some experimental creations. Got the house decorating done last weekend and hope to do get some holiday treats baked this weekend!

Jill said...

You sound just like me! NEXT year I'm going to be so prepared ~ ha! I did buy cards last weekend (wanted to make them but you know how that goes)but haven't printed out the kids' pic for them yet. Trying to finish up 1 last Christmas painting, sew up a few more cat napper pads for the kitties at the shelter & then get to the baking. Trying to remain as stress-free as possible - ha! Merry Christmas! ~ Jill

jody said...

i love it, jenn!
i am so behind, too...but also trying to enjoy the ride!
glad to hear you're having've got your priorities right on!
i'm baking up a storm for the fourth grade the shopping has to wait one more day!

Carolee said...

Eek!! Ten days....Nowhere NEAR ready here. The tree is up, but that's about it. Haven't finished even one present yet - too busy painting things that need to sell, lol...Every year I say next year will be different, but it's always the last minute panic....

Love, love, LOVE your new pieces!!

~ Carolee

Carmen said...

You make THE cutest little creations EVER!

Jenny Stevning said... take it easy! My daughter (age 16) and I had fun making paper snowflakes and paper chains. Other than that we spend quiet evenings watching our favorite holiday movies. It is all very snuggly and quiet. I LOVE it like that!!! No big decorating! No big parties. It always goes by so fast. Cheers!

Susan said...

I couldn't get in the decorating mood this year. One strand of lights around the lamp post is it. Enjoy all this energy while you can, in 20 years, you'll be happy to let someone else do all the work. You'll be rockin' a grand baby or two and just reminiscin' about the good old days. xoxo Susan

UberArt said...

Yikes! Is it really only 10 more days?! I'd better get busy and get off this computer!
(I did get my Christmas cards made, but haven't addressed them yet.)

Gerushia's New World said...


Decorations up....the end!

Shopping? Nope
Baking? Nope
Wrapping? (Refer to shopping)
Cards? Nope

Gerushia's New World

Cindy said...

I always think I am clever for sending "new year's" cards instead of Christmas cards. But now it is time to get them out and I am no more relieved because I still have a deadline!
(and sometimes they are "Valentine's Day Cards."