noodle and lou

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spOokytime jingles tOnight

i'm so ready for the big

spookytime jingles

holiday hootenanny

starting in just a couple short hours!

when the clock strikes midnight tonight, it is officially the 13th and that means UPDATE time! the whole spooktime site will be filled with halloween, christmas AND valentine treats!!!

here's a peek at a couple of my little offerings...

hope we see you there!
and don't forget to visit the door prizes page!
i'm offering a little lulette house this month!!



Jennifer DeDonato said...
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Jennifer DeDonato said...

Those are some great goodies. I love the "I sure do adore you" one!

Good Girls Studio said...

Your bowling pin'ish girls are lovely! Best of luck with your shop update!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

PS...we have the exact same taste in music! I listened to your playlist and added many of your tunes to it!!

Christine said...

I'm loving your bowling pin dolls! There's something about the shape along with your painted people that would make really coll vases too:)

Hope all is well with you!