noodle and lou

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vintage tuesday

happy vintage tuesday!

these little valentine guys were created on
MORE vintage bowling pins...because,
you know...i have old bowling pin fever;)

hitting the shop at noon (EST) today
along with a couple new paintings.

hope you all had a great weekend...
here's to an even better week!



andrea creates said...

Love those polka dot hats especially :)

koralee said...

How do you do this? Your creations inspire and amaze me...I love the whimsy of them all!!!! A few sparkles and dots help too! *sign*...hope your week if full of inspiration FUN xoxoxo

Ildiko said...

love them!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

These are so cheerful!

Good Girls Studio said...

so adorable! Who can resist a vintage bowling pin!?! :)

Candace said...

How totally cool. And funny!

Anonymous said...
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Krissysart said...

Look what you have been up to. Absoltuely adorable, as usual. Bowling pins.....who would have thunk it?