noodle and lou

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new little valentine painting over at my etsy shop:)

and happy birthday
to my wonderful band mate



Janel said...

Yay!!!!! You hit 800 sales on Etsy!! Congratulations!

I would love to see this lil gal on cards for Valentines Day or any day really! Any chance you might be able to toss some in the shop soon?

She id super duper cute! I'm gonna guess Elma was the lucky gal to snatch her up? ;)

Hope you are warm today! It's butt a$$ cold here! Sorry, just sayin'!

Jenny Stevning said...

She is adorable!!!
Now i covet her skirt! I so want a polka dot skirt.
You know...I am just gonna have to make myself one.
Cheers and smiles!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I love your little Miss Valentine ...congrats on the sales...I need a few tips in that area!

Annette Q said...

awwww! pretty polka dot skirt! The textured background is amazing :-)

andrea creates said...

Red and white polka dots are my favorite :)

Kim Hambric said...

Absolutely love the texture on this one. Not to mention the colors. And the happy, wistful feeling.

jodi of the creative JAR said...