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happy 60th!!

happy 60th birthday to my dad!!
today was my dad's birthday and it was
such a big one...we really wish we could
have spent it with him. in a perfect world
(where i could afford it) i would have liked
to have flown us all to some island retreat
where we lounged by the sea and ate big
seafood meals and drank exotic umbrella
drinks and chatting about the past 60 years...

maybe when you turn 65 or 70 dad:)

my dad actually did exactly what he wanted
today. he rode his bike 164 miles!!!!!!!!!
i'm not even kidding. he is crazy! how did
he do that!!?? it took him like 6 hours on his
exercise bike. i'm in awe. he was so
excited and i'm really glad he did something
special and super meaningful on his big day!

so happy, happy birthday dad!

the man who remembers every date in the
history of life (a tough opponent in trivial pursuit),
who makes a mean deviled egg,
who will talk to anyone and genuinely
be interested, who loves leonard cohen and
all sorts of other music,
who has authored 2 books on the genealogy of
our family,
who is the best pappy around according
to 3 grandsons named rowen, jake & henry...
and who is a great dad that has
always been there...

love you! xox...jenn

click on the picture to see super sized!

this is the keepsake painting i made for my
dad on his birthday. i wanted to celebrate his
60 years so far...

here's to a whole bunch more!!


farmerjulie said...

Happy Birthday to your incredible dad jenn!! xoxo
beautiful post!

elsiee said...

Happy Birthday DAD!! My dad turned 70 last summer and is also very proud of being super fit and active! Obviously our dad's ROCK!!

andrea creates said...

Wow,what a great painting!
Your dad sounds like a great guy.164 miles!Unbelievable ;)
Mine passed away a few years back and would've been 80 this year-
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family :)

Debbie said...

What a nice post about your Dad, and I love the painting you did for him. Happy Valentine's Day!

The Vintage Sister said...

Happy birthday to your Dad Jenn and a very happy Valentine's Day to you!! You painting is amazing!!!

Cris said...

Your dad sounds wonderful! What a beautiful painting you made to honor him--I love it!

Jackie said...

What a great post, brought a tear to my eye!!! Happy birhtday wishes to your dad and what a great gift!!

Artfulife said...

I just adore this painting! Happy 60th to your sweet dad! Happy Valentines day to you :)

RED SHOES said...

SO sweet Jenn!
what a great guy!
and LOVE your painting!
such a good daughter you are......
Happy Day to you all!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

WOW...That's an awesome ride! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenn's Dad...and HAPPY SWEET DAY precious lady!

lori vliegen said...

happy birthday to your terrific dad!! i know that he'll LOVE his keepsake painting....what a fabulous gift from sweet you!! :))

Liz said...

Well it's obvious how you turned out so nicely.

Happy Birthday dad!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hey kiddo thanks for stopping over:)
My neck is all better and my winter blues are finally going away.

Happy Valentine's day and Happy Birthday to your Dad! Love the painting you made him, so sweet Jenn.


michelle said...

Love the painting! Hope he had a great day!

Granny said...

De très très jolies choses sur ce blog, je reviendrai.