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team-up thursday: week 5

team-up thursday again!
week 5...the self-portrait challenge.

this was a tough one.
a photo of me. it's a rarity. i'm usually
the one taking the pictures. like you never know
i was there because i'm never in any of the photos
kind of deal. maybe you know the drill. so silly
really. i'm going to start being in more pictures
starting today!

i snapped a picture in a favorite spot in the house.
i tried not to think about it too much. henry was
saying something funny to me... and there you
have it! just a simple mom moment in my day
to day routine. i really love how carissa is looking straight
at the camera. strong and vulnerable all at the same
time. a very cool capture. and i told her i would be by later
to steal the adorable cabinet:)

in other news...
i'm having a little last minute update in the shop tonight!

thursday 2/25
7:00 p.m. EST (new york time!)

this cough/cold/JUNK that has been going around my
house and all the snow outside (i can hear the snow
plow going by as i'm writing this) and the freezing weather
has worn out its welcome. i'm ready for spring. so sorry
winter. toodle looo. i imagined up a little group of gals
that meet every thursday morning for "thursday morning
swim club". they wear their tiny bathing suits with pride and
they wear fabulous swim caps and they laugh and jump
around in the ocean and have all sorts of fun in the sun.
4 of these gals will be at the update tonight along with
some other little treats. woohoo for more bowling pin girls:)

see you later! happy thursday!
take a picture of yourself today.
you will be glad years from now:)


Skelly Addict said...

They are LOVELY Jenn! Great idea!! I too am sooooo tired of the cold's hoping these ladies will bring us some WARM weather really soon!!!!!!!!!

Soggy Dog Studios said...

I love these little ladies Jenn!!!! Bring on the SUMMER!!! :) oxoxox

thewillowsnest said...

you silly billy.. not having a pic of you! you are so cute!! I LOVE knowing who I'm writing to, so I can picture them in my mind!
Yes more pics!!

Lovely ladies .. warm weather would be very nice!

Janel said...

OH MY! These made my day! They are stinkin' cute Jenn! I love the pink bikini gal with the green swim cap! They are all lovely! :):):)

And you always look beautiful in your photos! always. always. always.

Steph said...

I Love finally seeing the creative woman behind all of the brilliant creations. And I love how I can see bits and pieces of what you make on you and behind you.

Janel said...

oh, and that's about what I'd look like in a bikini too! oye.

Good Girls Studio said...

soo precious! & you are adorable in your photo too!

koralee said...

You are adorable!!!!!! I think you should take more photos of you...I am the same way ...a wee bit camera shy. I so love your sweet sunny girls in their swimwear...ADORABLE..and the colours you used are perfect. Have a sunny day inside even though it is cold outside ...xoxo

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... we are living that parallel thing i think ! :)
our thoughts... so similar!

and helloooooooo!
those bathing beauties!!!!!
my mouth... WIDE OPEN!

big warm hugs to you!!!!

Jen said...

You both are gorgeous. I love how both shots looks so natural like just a glimpse from your day.

Kolleen said...

gor-JUSS both of them!!!

i may just have to take a self-portrait sweet Sophia, my first born, is 10 today!!!! YIKES!!!! How did THAT happen?!?!? ; )

sending you sunshine and love!


Megan said...

jenn, i love how these both look so natural and lovely. you look like you are simply passing by, offering a small slice of your day. a great pair.

and those bikini ladies? so adorable!

Corey~living and loving said...

This is great! they fit together so nicely. :) both seem very artsy. I like it.

Jenny Stevning said...

I am in love with their "babin" suits!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute jenn and I can't wait for spring!! I want to did in the garden:) Love the Ladies:) I need two more to go with my pink one:) Oh I took pictures of my noodle and lou collections:) Elma

Cara said...

These are great, I love how casual they both are. I know what you mean about never being in front of the camera. My husband has had people ask if he had a wife to go with the kids since every picture he has is of the boys or him and never me.

Christina said...

so warm and inviting- both of you gals! I love it! And that thursday morning swim club - cuuuute!

Amy Jo said...

The photos and the bathers are lovely! Very creative!

melissadc76 said...

And what's all the fuss about a self portrait? You look great.

Contessa Kris said...

Your new gals are adorable! Off to look in your etsy store!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Love your little look great also!

1 Funky Woman said...

Ok, I so want a couple of these bikini gals. How do I get some? I am a follower now through Carissa at Brown Eyed Fox. She has a Bowling Pin gal that is adorable. Let me know ~

Kimberly said...

I love your everyday moment. What a gorgeous happy smile you have. :)

RED SHOES said...

you are gorgeous! (both of you)
you should be front and center all of the time!
love you!