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team-up thursday


click on the photo to view it blog layout doesn't allow
for big side-by-side diptychs! we may just have to change that!

can you believe how much carissa and i were on the
same wave length! we chose F L Y as our team-up
thursday theme. carissa on the left, me on the right.

2 little flying angels.
love how they both have the same color...
they both have their sweet little arms outstretched...

henry insisted i use this little nicol sayre repro doll as
my photo prop. he said "that only makes sense for
something that can fly". then he added "or you could
use a fly."

henry (aka little lou) went on a fabulous little field trip
to the theater today. i was so thrilled that i was able
to tag along and chaperone! (they have sign up sheets
and lottery drawings for these things! it's a happy
thing when you win a chaperone spot!!) we got dressed
up and we got to ride a BIG school bus and we watched
an hour long performance of charlotte's web. so
super cute. kindergarten is just such a fun age. they all
looked so small in their big chairs in that huge theater.
they giggled at all the funny parts and clapped at the
end. and henry whispered in the middle, "i thought
there was going to be popcorn".

thanks for letting me FLY to the theater with you
today little lou!!



**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I know how hard it can be to get on these field-trips but it's precious when you do.
I adore your Angel...
Have a good night Jenn.

andrea creates said...

How fun-
I used to get to go on almost every field trip- I really miss that here now :(

I had the good chance to meet Nicol Sayre a few years ago, and got a few dolls signed-love her work.

HipMomma said...

I LOVE it! I truly can't believe how much the pair was made for each other. What a fab diptych. Perfect. Great job team.

Cara said...

I love the way the yellows are similar and the posture of the angle and the child.
Great collaboration.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i still can not believe how terrifically perfect out pics are! :O) yes... i just patted us on the back.
can't get over it. same wave length for sure!

and your Nicol Sayre angel... what a sweet treaure!

i mean to tell you... i just love it. that was fun.
thAnKs for dealing with image issues too!
did i send it ENOUGH! :)

i think i would have wanted popcorn too!

rachel awes said...

i found your blog in artful blogging last night...your work looks beautiful & is shining! oooh, these flying angels are gorgeous side by side. yesyes. lovelove. xo.

Stephanie said...

Like I told Carissa, even though I love all the submissions this week, this one is my very favorite!!!!

Kimberly said...

What a fun theme and the matching execution - I just can't get over that in so many of the team up photos. It's like everyone is on the same wavelength. :)

koralee said...

Love the images today...amazing how you seemed to connect. Happy happy and find Joy in what ever you do. xoxoxo

Susan said...

"...or you could use a fly". This is so funny. How do you keep a straight face with this one? Great post.

Beth said...

oh jen you are so lucky you got to attend .. i have been trying all year to go on the field trips but my name still hasn't been picked ... anyways, just thought i would pop in and say .. i am enjoying all your new things !! xo,