noodle and lou

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vintage tuesday

oh baby!
(no, i'm not pregnant...sorry mom)
just some sweet, little
baby inspired vintage treats
for vintage tuesday!

so super sweet.

and speaking of babies, i apparently forgot my baby is not really a baby anymore. i asked little lou if he would be my model for the darling vintage toddler hat, and of course he said yes because he is my little helper. well, are you ready for a giggle? here is my all grown up baby with the TODDLER hat on. what was i thinking!? we laughed and laughed...i know he looks mad in the picture, but he was trying to be serious for the shot! i swear! could you die?

oooh so funny!

all these treats are headed to the shop if they aren't there already. i also have a section of items available for FREE domestic shipping...for this week only! woohoo:) thanks for the get well wishes. hoping to be ALL better sooooon.



lori said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That really is one of the most adorable and hilarious pictures I've ever seen. What a sport.

Jenny Stevning said...

Sweet items! I love them. And I adore that your model was willing to do this for you! Fun!

Good Girls Studio said...

Lou is such a good sport! Swoony love for the toddler finds...makes me want another kiddo!

RED SHOES said...

i'm dying! I would have been giggling all day long too.
So funny! :)
(and such a good little helper guy too!)

Candace said...

Oh what a hoot. Yes, so so serious, taking his duties as a model for Mom to heart. A good fella through and through.
That baby's dress is one of the best ever! I would hang something like that up on the studio wall, "just for pretty".
Take care!
Candace in Athens.