noodle and lou

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show us your noodle and shoes and nido edition

sometimes i have great ideas (at least to me) and i start them and then forget to continue them. ie..."show us your noodle and lou". remember that!? well, today i am reviving the idea....and i have a whole juicy photo cd FULL of fabulousness from my dear pal that i will show you in the next edition. yep. a bit of a cliffhanger...

but today i want to celebrate 2 sweet shops. real, live, "brick and mortar" shops. shops run by beautiful, creative and inspiring gals. the first being my sweet pal catherine at her darling shop...

red shoes

332 south ashley, ann arbor, MI

catherine is a master of color and fun finds. you will fall right in love with her funky fabulous style. stop by and shop for unique jewelry, art (including catherine's!), linens, home goods, candles, furniture, vintage treats...AND MORE. can't get to ann arbor? (you really should try!!) you can shop with her online too! yahoooOOO...just go right HERE. or HERE is the shop's contact info. i am soooo lucky to have some noodle and lou treats hanging out at the shop. here are a couple peeks for ya...

wooden lulettes hanging out next to julie's darling vases (and p.s. the lulettes are still available i think;))

can you spot the noodle and lou peeking out behind catherine's adorable domed worlds?

thanks catherine for being wonderful YOU! hooray for red shoes!!

now for the sweet phiona at...

209 college street • suite 2e
burlington, vermont

if you live near burlington, you must stop into nido! a gorgeous little shop filled with yummy fabrics and yarns. i don't think you can help but feel completely inspired when you walk through the doors! they offer a great assortment of classes...i want to take them all! visit nido's website HERE.

i was so fortunate to have a few treats in phiona's shop over christmas...

hooray for wonderful phiona!!! thank you friend for everything:)

and happy monday to all of you guys! it's been tough around here lately...bad news about job prospects and yuck stuff like that. trying to stay positive. i'm a little bit in slow motion with all of it. be patient with me. hoping things will be back to 'normal' soon.



Anonymous said...

Hello! thanks for the tour...I just love stuff like that...

can't wait to see what you're up to!...

come by to enter my small little ends tonight!


andrea creates said...

Aw, thanks for the tour. I have my print hanging in my kitchen :)

Wishing you good luck with your 'yuck stuff'.

Jill said...

I will definitely have to check out those 2 shops! They look just like my taste! Happy Monday ~ Jill

meplusmolly said...

Fab shops! they look fabulous for unique gifts and indulgent treats!
Wishing much happier times your way to wash over the yuck stuff ;0 x

Annette Q said...

Hi Jenn!
Oh my goodness! Those shops are beautiful! So many lovely things to look at! Thanks for sharing.
And sending positive vibes your way... happy monday :-)

Kolleen said...

wow!!! i am drooling over these two sweet, inspiring little shops! wish i was closer to Michigan and Vermont...i can tell they are two little places i could just wallow around in for quite some time! thank you for sharing!

wishing you comfort during your time of "abnormal"! i am hopeful things will shift in the right direction very soon.


Carrie said...

Beautiful shops! Such inspiration... I'll add them to my road trip wish list ;)

koralee said...

Oh thank you so much...I adore those sweet shops...and red shoes...the only ones to wear! xo

Anonymous said...

Love this post Jenn. Can't wait to see more show your noodle and lou.Love Red Shoes, the shop is so beautiful just as Cathernine is:) I am going in the spring. Hope things look up for you:) Elma

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

great idea jenn!
"show us your noodle & lou"... very fun!

and as for catherine & her red shoes...
ya know i LOVE her spot! do you think a road trip from WY to MI would be too much? :)

adore julie's creations! happy to have a couple of her treasures.

and nido looks so neat! what a great place to take a class!

BIG hugs to you jenn!
hang in there.
you are loved... amazing & strong as all get out.
this too shall pass! :)