noodle and lou

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team-up thursday: week 6

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fell in love with carissa's idea for team-up thursday this! her 2 adorable 2 silly boys...there are a whole lotta games being played in our homes! there's her sweet lil bit playing memory on funny little lou on the bottom with his priceless expression. probably mad at his big brother for taking over the domino chain. you know how it goes.

i love a good game. an old fashioned, the tv is off...the wii is OFF...we turn on the record player (yes, record player...we love us some vinyl!) and the competition is on. and good grief, my 3 guys are competitive. we are currently loving monopoly, bananagram (i think that's how you spell it...the scrabble like game in the little banana bag? LOVE!!!) and snorta! that snorta game is hilarious. you have to yell out the sounds of the other players can imagine my boys with that one!

here's to a happy thursday everyone!

the sun is shining here. i can't tell you what that does to my spirits! awwwww...sunshine. i can't wait for flip flops. thank you for all the amazing love you guys. i appreciate your comments and support so much. feels like a whole lot of hugs. i know things will work out somehow:)



Jen said...

These shots remind me that we need to have a game night. Your son's expression is too funny. Love it.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

I visited your Esty and fell in love with your creations . . will definitely be buying something soon!

Megan said...

i love how both of you took these at child's level perspective -- makes the viewer a part of the game -- so fun! and that expression? priceless :).

jody said...

these are great, jenn! i'm so glad you have sunshine! i've been thinking about you...don't know what's going on, but hoping that things look up. i just sent you a little something today...hope it arrives quickly!
i just joined in team up thursday, too! what a fun idea!

sending xxoo

thewillowsnest said...

Hey Jenn ,, love that expression on your little one Ha!! Gotta get me a snort! game , my 2 year old would LOVE that!!
Yep I'm trippin' here on some beauty sunshine too!
( thanks for comment re my special doggie girl.. she was a real honey..)
Cheers , Helen

Susan said...

Your post reminded me of the days when my sister and I would sit at the card table playing cut throat Canasta with our Mom. Love the pictures, btw.

Good Girls Studio said...

Love the game pics! Reminds me of when us kids were little & my brother would get grounded & that was the only time he would ever sit & play games us with us girls :) Thanks for the reminder!

HipMomma said...

I love Bananagram! So fun. And your pic. Your little guy's face like he's up to something. Love how both of you got down to take these pics. Great job!

Kimberly said...

So cool how it looks like the photos could almost fit together they're so similar. :)

Christina said...

Games sure is a fun theme! I think we'll be pulling some out tomorrow. I love that you both have such similar perspectives in your shots. And your little man's expression cracks me up!!

Rebecca Collins said...

Great shots. Love the color on those dominoes!I have been doing the team up thurs. shooting too and it is a terrific discipline. I find I have to get the camera out at least once a week. In fact my camera stays out of the bag now ... as it should be.

koralee said...

We are so games people as well...these images are so lovely. I agree..flipflops here we come. Today may just be the day is amazing out. xoxx Happy weekend.

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye said...

The the "game" shots, and especially the expression on Lou's face - priceless! Haha. I love a good family game night as well, although it seems like we haven't had time for it in awhile. I'm going to have to make some time!

Christine said...

What a great image of your son..:)
Sounds like you guys had a great time with the games and kids~enjoy the sun...we've been so lucky to have lots of it and barely any snow this winter..crossing my fingers that I'll get into the garden months earlier than last year:)

Kolleen said...

love these pics and the theme this week!

hope you are soaking up that sunshine!!

sending love to you and yours!