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update tonight

the girls are lined up and ready to go! i'm working on some clay things too...but those will be for the next update...some easter things and such. here's the info for tonight!

march 8, 2010
8:00 pm (EST) new york time!

little spring girls with lace collars...

and BIG TALL (about 12 inches tall!!) girls with lace and buttons and sweet sayings...

i stressed for days and days about even putting paint on these big old lawn pins! they are super duper antique. i didn't want to ruin them. i debated with myself for quite awhile and finally gave in. these are truly ancient and so awesome (and really hard to get a photo of!!)'s a picture of them next to the little gals...see how BIG!

so, obviously, they are going to be more expensive because of their size and age. i just made 2 for now...if anyone reallllly loves them, i could make more. with my bowling pin lulettes, i price them according to the age and unique-ness (and what i paid for them!)...each pin is SO special and sweet and OLD.

i also bought these sweet little vintage egg cups (about 3 1/2 inches high) and knew immediately they needed faces:) you can use these little gals for easter or all year! don't want to put a hard boiled egg in it? keep your rings in it...keep paper clips in it...etc!

yes...only blondes! can you believe it! :):):)

okay sweet peeps! those are your update peeks! see you later tonight!!

huge xoxox...jenn


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love everything!

i love plum said...

too much cuteness i can't stand it!!!! love all your work, always. xo

sUz said...

oh jeNn! I might have to put my little eLijAh to bed early to nab that redhead :):):)

hugs, sUz :)

Anonymous said...

oh how nice! i love that you create ... it's a pleasure to pop in here and see what you're up to!

ciao bella...i'm sure those will move quick too!


peggyapl said...

hello, i enjoyed my visit to your blog. these are great!

Janel said...

squeal..........these are so cute! I love the egg cups especially, and the pink haired "friend", mmmmm... what to buy me for my birthday? ;)

xoxo to you my friend!

Gretchen C. said...

I LOVE these! I raced over to your shop and was too late :( Will you be posting more?

koralee said...

Where oh where do you get your ideas???? You amaze me! What fun it must be to be you! xoxox

snippetgirl said...

Oh, i LOVE the blond girls!!! soooo cute!!!! Shoot, i see that they flew out of your shop in a flash! I need to keep up with blogging better :). I'll snag a blondie eventually.
Have a great week, sweet lady!!!

vintagesusie said...

Oh Friend...
These are truly delightful, such wonderful springtime colors on them all & the blonde egg cups, just toooooo sweet! Why didn't God teach me to paint? Thank goodness he taught you for your princesses are divine!
Big Smiles,

Mary Wadsworth said...

dear Jenn what can, I say once again I am smitten:) Love them all!

Michele said...

You are such an inspiration! I really love these, all of them :).............. and you show that sometimes thinking out of the box really does work! :) I have several old toy items/wood that I really didn't know what to do with, and you gave me such a wonderful idea for them! So many thanks to you, have a great week, Michele