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vintage tuesday

i'm getting a late start to vintage tuesday! the evil "cold" sickies have invaded our house again. oh good grief! we had snow over the weekend. can i blame that? because i'd like too!! oh well...we'll be on the mend soon. and spring will stick around for good. soon. easter is right around the, today i have some vintage bunny treats for you. all are now in the shop:)

and i've been working on some more wall hanging girls with vintage fabric skirts. this one went to live with a most fabulous gal (who sent me the most darling thank you treats...thank you again amanda!! i can't believe i got thank you treats from your PURCHASE...sooo super sweet!!!)

planning on a much needed update later this week. i'll have last minute easter treats and such! stay tuned and hopefully i'll be feeling better soooooon!! happy vintage tuesday! xox...jenn


elsiee said...

your wall hanging girl is delicious! I'm way to slow, and you're dolls are way too precious! you've always already sold out by the time I get to visit your shop - SHUCKS!! :)

Micki said...

Love all those bunnies ;)

Amanda's Altered World said... thank you!!! I was so excited to get her and the witch. Now i have to find the perfect place to display them. You are welcome for the goodies!
Cant wait to purchase more!

Anonymous said...

love all your items....just beautiful!

tres fun!

ciao bella

Jenny Stevning said...

Oh...these make me long for my childhood copy of The Country Bunny.
I am in love with the hanging doll!!!!!!!

Kolleen said...

in love with your sweet little girl in her pretty polka dot vintage skirt!!!! darling!!

sending the "get well" fairies your way!!!!

surround yourself with all those little treasures that bring you comfort!


Jill said...

Oh, that little Bunnies book is SO cute!
We had snow here in Kansas last weekend too (a blizzard actually) but of course it's all melted now & people were in shorts today~ha!
Happy Tuesday ~ Jill

koralee said...

Love your vintage bunnies...but I so so heart that sweet girl in the polka always amaze me with your talents. xoxox

Good Girls Studio said...

Love the bunnies! Just in time for Easter!

Hope you're feeling better soon! I'll send some sunshine your way to melt the snow!


Janel said...

Hope you are on the mend soon! I am buried in snow at the moment. My daffodils had JUST opened (yesterday) so I quick went out and cut them all down and put them in a vase! They are happy and warm where I can enjoy them to the fullest! amongst my moving boxes, but hey, a girl needs flowers no matter the situation.

Wishing I had a bunch of daffs to share with you!!

Mmm said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your masthead. What a a good idea to make those pins in to your cute dolls. I was in a store the other day and saw stuff that reminded me very much of your art and wondered if you sell to retail too or not? you could I think.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lovely stuff to make me smile.

Heidi said...

Nothing beats vintage, love your pin ladies....

Juliette Crane said...

so, so beautiful is your artwork! i am so happy to have found and to be following your blog and etsy shop. thank you for being so inspiring! can't wait to check out more of your work:) best wishes! xoxo, juliette

Liz said...

Your girls just get better and better, Jenn! xoxo Liz

MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Jenn! I haven't heard from you in ages!!! I know, I know, you have been so busy... Your little woman in red polka-dot skirt is BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW! You are getting real good with your little sculptures, Jenn! Way to go! I hope you are all feeling better now. I LOVE your team-up pictures, what a great idea! Swell accidental composition, the yellow-themed duo is INCREDIBLE! Come for a visit when you have a minute! BIG HUGS, LuLu xxx

alpal said...

Wow! What beautiful work!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I HAD that bugs bunny costume when I was 4. It's from about 1975. It came with a plastic jumpsuit that tied up in the back. What memories that photo brings back!

I trick or treated at my grandparent's farm. The farms were far apart and in Manitoba Hallowe'en is COLD and often there's a blizzard on that night. My Gramps put me in our funcraft and left the sliding door open. I sat in the door with my lags hanging out and he drove slowly to the foot of the drive at each house. I would hop out and run up the drive to get my candy.

I remember the neighbour I loved best pretending he didn't know it was me in the bugs costume.

My Gramps' birthday was on Hallowe'en so we went back to the house when I was done to eat cake. I still love Hallowe'en. It's my fav holiday.